The Lover of Classics

Nothing’s more Christmasy than evergreen, bright berry-red ornaments, a snowy window and cocoa. Get tutorial here

The Cozy Home Dweller

There’s no better way to dress a home for winter than covering it with cozy plaid flannel. Get tutorial here

The Out-of-the-Box Dreamer

You use what you have to make a look that’s all your own, like a wreath covered in wood slices. Get tutorial here

The Rustic Decor Addict

As with all other occasions, the best path to charming decor is dressing up something rusty. Get tutorial here

The Gal Who Only Has Eyes for Vintage

Your favorite pieces are thrift store finds & keepsakes, and that’s your plan for Christmas, too. Get tutorial here

The Devoted Country Girl

There’s no shortage of burlap & twine in your home, which is why this wreath is happening. Get tutorial here

The Natural Scavengar

Everything you’ll ever need to decorate is sitting in your backyard - lucky you! Get tutorial here