How to make a clothing rack?

Make an inexpensive cloths rack to hang clothes on for a yard sale and other organizing tips for a yard sale.

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  • Betty Albright-Bistrow Betty Albright-Bistrow on Aug 19, 2018

    I have had several garage sales in the past and have done well. Mark things clearly, organize things on tables neatly. Put anything under the tables you want to add later. Use plastic table cloths to cover your tables, and if the table cloth hangs over you can hide extra things under your table. You can hang clothes stretching a clothes line from a solid post or tree. You can pick up a clothes rack at dollar stores or outlet stores. It is best if you can have a fanny pack (money belt) on you so you don't have to worry about keeping your money safe. You will need at least $25 in mostly $1 dollar bills to make change. You will need plastic bags to put items in that you sell. I always had a "FREE" basket with trinkets for the small children with plastic toys, etc. If you have a sale for longer than a day, on the last day make things half price or take several 25 cent or 50 cent items and sale them that way. If you have things left over after your garage sale just take them to the Goodwill. Good luck! I hope you do well!

  • Kc Kc on Aug 19, 2018

    *Borrow two ladders, stand them a few feet apart and set a pipe or rod on the rungs. If the ladders are tall enough you can set up a couple of rods. Put longer items (coats,men's shirts) on the bottom and smaller items (baby/kids) on the upper rod.

    *If you're selling electronics make sure there's an outlet or extension cord nearby.

    *Borrow tables or create them by setting plywood on top of saw horses.

    *Try to "merchandise" smaller items by laying them out by type of product (baby table, kitchen table, toy table)

    *Let the kids make money by selling lemonade and snacks. Check in advance in case a permit is required. Ask a friend to make cookies the day before (you won't have time)

  • Kristin Gambaccini Kristin Gambaccini on Aug 23, 2018

    You could use plumbing supplies (pipe, elbows and flanges) for something heavy duty or PVC pipe for something light and quick.