Asked on Jul 02, 2017

How can I seal old chipped wood?

Kim farrell
by Kim farrell
I have a few amazing pieces that are old and the paint is chipping. I love them just the way they are but hate the flakes that constantly come off! What to do so it's not a mess but doesn't mess with the look? I'm not worried about value. Here's a picture of one.
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  • E s desanna E s desanna on Jul 02, 2017

    I 'd like to know this, too. I have screen frames in my kitchen that are original to my 1940's house. I'd like to keep the flake-y look, but halt the progression.

  • Rlh5819414 Rlh5819414 on Jul 02, 2017

    I have read that spraying with shellac will stop the flaking. I have not tried this yet.

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jul 02, 2017

    Spray Rustolium clear coat sealant on them . I'd use more than one coat to ensure proper coverage .

  • A A on Jul 02, 2017

    A matte finish spray fixative will be the least visible, but you will need to re-spray eventually.

  • Kris Kris on Jul 02, 2017

    Sand paper and stain or outdoor paint should do the trick...

  • Kristil Albof Kristil Albof on Jul 02, 2017

    Yes use a clear coat matte spray . You might also want to kind of rub off the really REALLY chippy pieces a bit first before you spray. Let dry thoroughly then spray again for extra protection. Assuming you plan on keeping it in the house or out of the elements on a covered porch... 😊

  • Questar Questar on Jul 02, 2017

    Krylon Clear Acrylic spray is a possibility - might want to contact them first.

  • MrsSherri MrsSherri on Jul 02, 2017

    I saw on "Flee Market Flip" that you make a solution of three to one wood glue & water. Use a high quality brush and paint it on. It will save the pealing paint, an not expose you to the lead paint.

  • Karla McClary Robinson Karla McClary Robinson on Jul 02, 2017

    Any easy way is to dilute wood glue with water to a spreadable consistency then apply it using a paint brush. This stops the flaking and seals it!

  • Kelly Blackwood Kelly Blackwood on Jul 02, 2017

    be very careful because the old paint most likely contains lead and it only takes a very small amount of lead to poison a child which can have long lasting effects.

  • Cas2847423 Cas2847423 on Jul 02, 2017

    I "seal" items that are going to be out of the weather with Mod podge.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 11, 2022

    Use Mod Podge Outdoor. and give two coats at least.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 02, 2023

    Whew, this paint probably contains lead, so it would be best to seal it rather than remove it. You could use wood glue, dilute it to a paint-able consistency. You might want to remove the flaking chips so you can have a project with the appearance that can stick to the shutters. Wear gloves and a mask.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 02, 2023

    Fusion makes a product called tough coat. Just don't use on darker colored finishes it can leave streaks.