Any ideas for an empty fishtank?

We have a large fish are grown and I don't want to clean it! It's attached to a beautiful stand and I'd like to keep it in the dining room. Any ideas how I can decorate?,,,I've already done a manger scene at Christmas,,,,,maybe plants?
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  • Janet Janet on Aug 18, 2016
    there is a door to the next apt in the stairway to my apt. what good ideas are out there to cover like for example curtains etc..

  • Lta4486156 Lta4486156 on Aug 18, 2016
    I Made a Terrarium out of mine, many kinds of plants will grow in there, they love the light. I half buried a heat rock and put a lizard in there! Everybody loved it.

  • Darline Darline on Aug 18, 2016
    Since fairy gardens are the rage, why not do a take off on that. You could incorporate figures, plants, rocks, buildings... it can reflect the fun things you like. I did one for a large planter, with a brewery and tiny gnomes.. it was a hoot! Look in jewelry findings, birthday cake items, hobby buildings etc. local thrift stores always have unique items as well.

  • Kay Kay on Aug 18, 2016
    A fairy garden is an excellent idea. Tiny lights that you can put on a timer to go on in the evening and off later. You can change it according to the season too. Easter, Valentine, Christmas etc. If you have grandkids or kids they will love it.

  • Sylvia Picone Sylvia Picone on Aug 18, 2016
    Succulents are all the rage now. They require very little soil. You can put rocks and sand in the bottom for drainage, work the sand up the sides to hide the dirt you will use for the succulents and plant the succulents and use some type of top dressing, rocks, sea glass, marbles. Go online for some succulent ideas.

  • Darline Darline on Aug 19, 2016
    I actually found the brewery at a thrift shop, and think it may have been a Christmas village item. The little gnomes were meant to be charms for a bracelet, and I used a larger plastic bottle cap for a hot tub for them. I found miniature animals of the right scale in the toy dept. Found polished rocks, plants, tiny signs and other fun things in various places. However the signs could be made from toothpicks that are meant for canapes, some of those even have blank paper attached surfaces to write on. All in all, it's just fun to come up with original ideas. I would love to do a fantasy one, using castles and dragons etc. I think in a pet supply area for fish you could find some great things.