Asked on Jun 19, 2016

Appropriate depth of shelves over a toilet

by Patti
I would like to put some shelves over a toilet. They will be for display and I don't want them to look skimpy, but I don't want them to feel like they are in the way when someone is sitting :). I plan to make them wider than the toilet tank (the length of the shelf), but can't decide what depth is best. I'm thinking about 3 feet long by 6" (or 8") wide. What is a good depth for over the toilet shelving?
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  • William William on Jun 19, 2016
    They should be at least 1" less than the depth of the toilet tank lid usually 6" but measure the depth of you toilet tank. The bottom shelf should be high enough so you can remove the tank lid for any reason - 10" to 12".
  • Patti Patti on Jun 19, 2016
    Thanks William, that is about what I was thinking. I think what I had in mind would be high enough to allow removal of the tank lid, but I had not thought about that part. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Mionika Mionika on Jun 20, 2016
    15-20 centimeters maximum I think
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 20, 2016
    The lowest shelf can be more narrow than the higher ones. I even installed a top cabinet over a toilet once that was a match the rest of the ones in the kitchen...the standard depth is about 11". My toilet sits 10' from the wall, but we never had a problem. We made sure it was a good 2' above the toilet.
  • Patti Patti on Jun 20, 2016
    I really hadn't thought about just putting it up higher and then the depth would not be as much of an issue. I have 9 foot ceilings so raising it a little shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for giving me another possible solution. I'm anxious to get started. This will be installed in our new home if we ever get to move in. It's my husband's 1/2 bath and I want to display some of his petroliana in there. Thanks again, Patti
  • Patti Patti on Jun 20, 2016
    That sounds about what I was thinking. Thanks for your input. Hmm, this was meant for Mionika.