Can glass pendant light shades be painted a dark color, if so how?

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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Apr 19, 2017
    Sure- but the light it gives off might emit a darker light. There are some great spray paints out there you can use to give your glass pendant the makeover you want. Can't wait to see how yours comes out!

  • BabyBoomerSC BabyBoomerSC on Apr 19, 2017
    Shoshana is right. When you paint the light shade, you'll have diffused light so be prepared for less light to come out of the shade.

    You can paint a couple different ways -- spray paint or use a chalk-type paint. Either one will do the trick.

  • Barbara Lynn Vaughan Barbara Lynn Vaughan on Apr 22, 2017
    Add your desired color paint to modpodge. Then brush it on. It will make the color translucent instead of opaque.

  • Susie Lee Susie Lee on May 04, 2017
    Hello Gene,
    In your local craft store you will find a transparent paint called Gallery Glass that is for the purpose of making faux stained glass. You would have to brush it on carefully and let your pendant light flat so it wouldn't flow off of the light in the area you wanted to be colored. I believe this product is made to dry quickly and will peel off if you ever wanted to change it out. Check it out. It's actually a very cool product.

    Best to you!

  • Gene Gene on May 04, 2017
    wow..awesome replies ... Wondering if they are 'heat safe', won't get OVERLY hot on the glass. I would like to thank everyone in advance for replies and thanks to those who already replied....