Glue dots stick to paper backing

by Linda
I use glue dots for a lot of my crafts, but I am finding that the glue dots are sticking to the paper backing and are hard to pull off. Sometimes they pull on the paper that I am putting them on, and tear it. Does anyone have any ideas or a special brand that doesn't do this?
I was not as clear as I should have been. The problem is the glue dots are not coming off the glue dot paper. When I try to press the dot onto my project it won't come off the shiny glue dot paper very well and I have to get my fingernail under the dot and kind of peel it off. Then it sticks to my finger or balls up and makes a mess. It doesn't always do this but very often. I do not buy cheap ones.
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  • Jeannie Jeannie on Jan 31, 2016
    I'm not sure if I am helpful. Some glue dots or glue runners are considered permanent or strong. Look for the ones that don't say that. I like them because I don't want them to come undone, but I know it is hard if you get it on wrong & want to remove it.
  • Suzi Hickman Suzi Hickman on Jan 31, 2016
    I don't know what brand you are using. I use Zots and don't have any problems. They come on rolls of slick paper so they come off really easily.
  • Kelley M Kelley M on Jan 31, 2016
    If you want to take them off your project and reposition something you need the repositionible glue dots. You also need to make sure that the stuff on the front of your project is not too heavy for the paper backing. In other words you don't want 4-5 layers of something attached to construction paper or regular scrap booking paper. You need heavier paper to hold weight unless you use lots of dots or double stick glue or double up on the background paper by gluing 2 pieces together. I hope I understood your question. If not, please let me know. Thanks
    • Linda Linda on Jan 31, 2016
      @Kelley M Actually the problem is the glue dots are sticking to the glue dot paper. When I try to get the dot off the paper by pressing them onto my project they don't want to come off. I usually have to get my finger nail under the glue dot and pull it away from the shiny paper it is on, Sometimes it gets stringy and some times it just balls up. I did not buy cheap ones.
  • Jeannie Jeannie on Feb 01, 2016
    Sorry I misunderstood. I just use either Walmart ones or winners or dollar store. I don't think I've had that problem. I like the strips better than the dots.
  • Kelley M Kelley M on Feb 01, 2016
    You need to contact the place you bought them from, they are not good. Sounds like they got too hot and the chemical bonds in the glue got damaged. Time for new dots!
    • Linda Linda on Feb 01, 2016
      @Thank You Kelley M I did not know that would happen. Thank You for the info.
  • Linda Linda on Feb 01, 2016
    I had good comments. Love this site!