Gluing a mirror onto a frame

by Rolawn
I want to reglue a section a mirror on to a frame, what kind of glue can I use? I heard some glues are not to be used on the mirror silvering.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 18, 2015
    try using silicone. thats your safest bet.
  • Victoria Victoria on Sep 19, 2015
    No no don't ruin that lovely picture! well lovely may not be the right word...but somebody, somewhere, would love to have that...funky! Buy another frame in a thrift shop and use that, please!!!!
    • Nancy J Nancy J on Sep 19, 2015
      @Victoria looks like she is wanting to glue sections of a mirror on the frame that may have fallen off, not over the picture.
  • Vivian Tinder-Thomas Vivian Tinder-Thomas on Sep 19, 2015
    I use E-6000 for making hillbilly wine glasses and for lots of other crafts
  • Karin Morrison Karin Morrison on Sep 19, 2015
    I agree with Victoria Italy.....PLEASE don't ruin the lovely picture. If I lived in America, I would buy it immediately. Buy another frame or another suggestion is to take it to your local picture framer and get them to remove the picture and v-nail the mirror in.....problem solved.
    • Z Z on Sep 19, 2015
      @Karin Morrison she is not wanting to cover the picture. She clearly stated she wanted to reglue a piece of mirror to the frame. You can also see the piece of mirror and where it's missing from in her photo.
  • Joan Lorenzen Joan Lorenzen on Sep 19, 2015
    There are glues out there in home stores made specifically for mirrors.
  • Sharyn Diaz Sharyn Diaz on Sep 19, 2015
    As Vivian mentioned E6000 glue which is available at craft stores and hardware is non yellowing and makes a great bond for glass repair
  • Kim Kim on Sep 19, 2015
    I just got a mirror professionally done and he used silicone to glue the mirror to the frame.
  • Tabitha Tabitha on Sep 19, 2015
    Regular silicone can eat away the silvering. It can be used to glue a mirror into a frame as long as the silicone only runs along the very edge. If it touches the silvering it will damage the mirror. The best product to use to glue a mirror directly to a surface is "mirror mastic" there are various brands available at hardware stores and Home Depot. I work for a glass company and we only use mirror mastic to glue mirrors up on walls or to other surfaces.
  • Dee Dee on Sep 19, 2015
    Don't use anything that is not for a mirror surface it will darken the the mirror backing and destroy that picture. I worked in a glass shop only use Mirror Mastic if you want to treasure your treasure.
  • Pat Pat on Sep 19, 2015
    Ask at a mirror place...they will tell you.
  • Gwen Crutcher Stace Gwen Crutcher Stace on Sep 19, 2015
    I would use double sided tape, it will hold it perfectly.
  • Diana Riddle Diana Riddle on Sep 20, 2015
    I work for a glass company. we use double back tape or hot glue for frames. Mirror mastic we use to install large mirrors to walls and other flat surfaces. Do not use anything that has silicone in it that eats the silvering.