Asked on May 04, 2016

Having a problem with the second coat using chalk paint on mason jars

by Brenda
I'm using folk art chalk paint and the second coat is wiping off the first coat. The mason jars sat overnight so I know they are dry. The color that is giving me the most problem is cascade and I love this color. Any tips for me would greatly be appreciated. Also does anyone know if you can return open paint to Michaels Crafts store? Thanks
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 04, 2016
    See if this answers your question.
  • 9530106 9530106 on May 04, 2016
    This link is really helpful. I usually spay on a coat of white primer first, and then I know my paint will stick.:)
  • Ruth Donhauser Ruth Donhauser on May 04, 2016
    Was the first coat absolutely dry?
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    • Vickie Moore Gould Vickie Moore Gould on Aug 11, 2019

      believe first coat was dry

  • Brenda Brenda on May 05, 2016
    I painted clear wax on my jars and let them sit for 10 hours and they are still very sticky. Is this normal? Should I have used the sand paper before the wax coat? How long should I wait until I can buff and sand paper them?
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    • 9530106 9530106 on May 16, 2016
      @Brenda I didn't get notice of your reply - sorry. If you haven't already, I would probably just wash everything off and then prime and paint. When dry buff, and sand if you want. Then use the wax. With the primer, the wax should not remove the paint!
  • Dee Dee on May 05, 2016
    I always use alcohol to wipe down any glass piece that I may be painting/decorating, this removes oily residue from our hands. This is certain to help paint adhere.
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    • Country Design Home Country Design Home on May 06, 2016
      @Brenda Yikes, that's a waste of good alcohol! At this point I would fill the jars with ice and tonic, add a lime... At this point, I think you need to either soak or sand them and remove all the paint and start over. This time use regular alcohol or vinegar. I typically don't use wax on glass anyway, much easier just to use a spray varnish.
  • Dee Dee on May 05, 2016
    Isn't that like grain alcohol, 100 proof? don't understand why that wouldn't work, oh well, try try again and have fun with it!
  • Dee Dee on May 05, 2016
    ps: I make my own chalk paint using 3 to 1 ratio, ie; 3 parts latex paint to 1 part plaster of paris, add a little water to thin it out, it's really thick at first. Works great especially on wood and glass.
  • Teresa Teresa on May 16, 2016
    I paint wine bottles with chalk paint and absolutely love the way it looks. I do not, however, use a brush to paint this on. I cut a Mr. Clean magic eraser into smaller pieces so I won't waste the whole thing on just one project. I then use this piece of eraser to daub on the chalk paint onto the bottle. I let the first coat dry (usually over night) then I apply a second coat by daubing it on just like the first. When I am finished, it has a beautiful all-over color and just a touch of texture that makes it interesting.
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    • Sharon caserta Sharon caserta on Jun 05, 2020

      Thank you for posting this Teresa. It really worked well where my 1st coat was coming off, I used the magic eraser and patted it on and voila, it is perfect.

  • Jenny Quinn Jenny Quinn on Jun 28, 2017

    I have been using some acrylic paint, Americanna I like the best. I add 3 t. of calcium carbonate with 2 t. water..mix that and add to the paint. I brush it on and wait a few hours then do the second coat. I use a satin brush on water based Poly to finish...I usually do 2 coats of that. I had the same problem with another acrylic paint. I went to put the second coat on and the first wiped right off with the brush. I only use americana now. I put the jar under running water, wiped it with alcohol and started over. I love making these jars, and I sell some too.