Help identifying maker's mark on vase

I purchased this vase today at a sale and I am trying to determine the maker's mark on this vase and where it possibly was made. I think its European or possibly Russian. Thanks for you help.
q help identifying maker s mark on vase, furniture id, painted furniture
q help identifying maker s mark on vase, furniture id, painted furniture
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  • Rose Rose on Sep 20, 2015
    Am thinking British. There is also writing around the bu but not clear for me to see. You can go online for antique vase markings and get some free help. Also the library has books on antique markings.

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    • Laurie Laurie on Sep 20, 2015
      @Laurie this is the best photo i can get.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 20, 2015
    google images of antique vases. You may be able to track the vase down that way.

    • Laurie Laurie on Sep 20, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro thanks for replying. I have spent hours looking on Google but with no luck. I will continue to look :o)

  • Marlene Murray Marlene Murray on Sep 20, 2015
    The E.U. is for European Union. I can't make out the name around it, it looks Czechoslovakian . Can you write what the rest says?

    • Laurie Laurie on Sep 20, 2015
      @Marlene Murray And I thought it said B.U. Now I see the "E" .. I can only make out a few of the letters with the photos I have. Hoping to take better photos this morning.

  • Kate Kate on Sep 20, 2015
    Hi...send a high resolution image of the mark to Replacements Unlimited, perhaps they can help you identify it!!!

  • Annadele Annadele on Sep 20, 2015
    Here is a website that has about 1600 pages of information. They will do their best to track down the manufacturer. Need info - measurements, is it cloisonne, is it fired, is it painted, is it gold leaf, etc. Also will need better definition on names; did find this info based on the "...zlich: Gesetzlich - after 1899: These are the German words for legally patented or registered. Did not find any similar marks in W. Germany records. Is there enough of an impression that you could do a pencil rubbing (like they do on old gravestones)? Good Luck!!

  • Toni Lynn Toni Lynn on Sep 20, 2015
    The pattern makes me think of a popular pattern called Imari or Old Imari. Its not identical, but very much like it.

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    • Sharon Sharon on Mar 13, 2021

      Imari ware is Japanese, this more likely Slavic country like Czech.

  • Lindy Lindy on Sep 21, 2015
    Please spell out the letters above E U. Can make out what looks like xxxxTZLICH- What are the letters before that? The light/shadow on photo blurs them. Here is the antique marks for Kovals I found. The link should take you to the "oval/round" marks. OK just picked out the top name-Besetzlich-which is German pottery. Please post the letters under the EU.

  • Annadele Annadele on Sep 22, 2015
    Oops. Forgot to list the website to find your porcelain marks: it is good luck on your search.

  • Laurie Laurie on Sep 22, 2015
    Thanks to everyone for your great information and suggestions. I really appreciate it.

  • Pat Rogers Pat Rogers on Sep 26, 2015

  • Jan Jan on Sep 27, 2015
    How do I find out if my thrift shop purchase of 2 beautiful table cloths are hand or machine made?

  • Tammy studard Tammy studard on Sep 05, 2018

    Can you tell me what this is