Help me paint or add color and snazz up lamp shades

I can't seem to find any lamp shades in the size and color that I really like. I love the lamps and don't want new ones. I like the shades too, I just want to add color. I was thinking of beads along the bottom, or painting the vertical bars.....I dunno. Any ideas?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 20, 2015
    In my opinion I would do the beads.

  • Ruth Ruth on Nov 20, 2015
    Find a colorful fabric and cut & glue to fit.

  • Wendy Harrington Wendy Harrington on Nov 20, 2015
    You can also dye the shade and add beads

  • Catherine Catherine on Nov 20, 2015
    I actually stenciled a shade and added tassel fringe. I have gotten many compliments.

  • Kathy Evans Langford Kathy Evans Langford on Nov 20, 2015
    I would E6000 some 1/2 pearls randomly on it.

  • Nupur Chowdhury Nupur Chowdhury on Nov 21, 2015
    Add a strip of printed cloth as a border. You could stitch some beads onto it or let it dangle from it before attaching it onto the shade. That should make it more sophisticated

  • Nupur Chowdhury Nupur Chowdhury on Nov 21, 2015
    As for the vertical bars, add a strip on coloured lace on them...

  • Hot air Hot air on Nov 21, 2015
    I have sprayed painted them before and it works

  • Marjorie merchant Marjorie merchant on Nov 21, 2015
    Cover with material of your liking to match room. Fabric glue to hold and add trim to the top and bottom for a finished look.

  • Grace Grieco Grace Grieco on Nov 21, 2015
    I would go with Marjorie"s idea. If you like the shades,fabric or you can modge podge the shades, I have done that with mine, and they are still holding up, 3 years later. I used a printed paris theme tissue paper. Google (MODGE PODGE LAPSHAPES), lots of ideas there. You can also you chalk paint for the lamps,(no primer needed) then apply wax over the paint.

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 21, 2015
    Beware doing anything to the original fabric that cannot be removed. You will never be able to remove or fix it if you find it either doesn't hold or you don't like it. i would go with overlay a 'sleeve' of fabric or the addition of the bead work.

  • Cindy Curtis Cindy Curtis on Nov 21, 2015
    I would modge podge lace on the panels then on one panel glue some small roses and small pearls you could even put some fringe around the bottom . check out pinterest its free to join and look up DIY lamp shades. good luck with your project.

  • Lana scott Lana scott on Nov 21, 2015
    You can also use hot glue and trim around the bottom edges painting the shades one color and stenciling a design around it as well matching your room

  • Conniehatfield3 Conniehatfield3 on Nov 21, 2015
    i hot glued white mums from the dollar store around bottom and blue stripey ribbons from top to bottom every few inches.. i think it looks very cute!

  • CS CS on Nov 21, 2015
    You could add ribbon along the edges to split up the monotony of the white. What you do to them sort of depends on the room/environment they are in.

  • Pjakin61 Pjakin61 on Nov 21, 2015
    I did one with faux red roses---covered the whole thing---it was so cute

  • Frostie Moma Frostie Moma on Nov 21, 2015
    I used hemp twine and hot glue to wrap around a shade from top to bottom. Looks fabulous! No one can believe they are the same lamps. They are buffet lamps and each shade took an hour to do.

  • Valerie Valerie on Nov 21, 2015
    Have a look at your local fabric shop. You can get braid in all sorts of colours and styles. You can also get ribbon which has beads already attached to it (in strings). These can be glued on to the bottom of the lampshade. Use hot glue and clothes pegs to hold it in position until it dries.

  • 861650 861650 on Nov 21, 2015
    Ever heard of a "slipcover" for lamp shades? You can find "how to" information on google. Type in, "how to make a slip cover for lamp shades." I have made several slipcovers (out of fabric) and had a lot of fun. Further, you can make them seasonal and/or for holidays. Best of all, you can store the slipcovers till next year!

  • Dragonintheattic Dragonintheattic on Nov 21, 2015
    You could cut out flowers from tissue paper and mod podge them on. Try to find something that complements your rooms style.

  • Roberta Roberta on Nov 21, 2015
    If you want to have more light in the room, carefully remove the fabric, seeing if you can use old fabric for a pattern. You should be able to determine just how the cover was made. You can either make your own "ribbons" with same fabric, buy cutting on the bias, then ironing the sides over narrow strips of hem tape. Be sure the "ribbon" completely folds over the hem tape, so that when you iron it, it does not melt onto your iron. Cut your panels on the bias, also. Sparingly hot glue fabric to "ribs" of the shade "skeleton." Cover up the seams with the bias tape you either made or purchased. Be sure to use a low heat light bulb, so that the heat from the light does not melt the hot glue. If you can find a different type of glue in the glue area of JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, or Pat Catan's (or similar hobby store), you may want to try that. If you opt to paint your shade, or cover over with a fabric, be aware that little light will shine through.

  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Nov 21, 2015
    I purchased rhinestone peel and stick ons at Michaels' craft store and created a pattern around the widest part of 2 white, plain shades. The stick ons adhered well and certainly improved the appearance of the shades. I opted for 2 different patterns as I wanted the lamp shades to compliment each other but not look the same.

    • Barb Barb on Nov 21, 2015
      @Faye Campbell I am surprised they stuck when the shade got warm. That's a great idea for a little girls room!

  • Marlene Marlene on Nov 21, 2015
    I took decorative trim and glued it along the vertical sides where the wires are. Used a similar color to the shade.

  • Dawn Hudson-Scott Dawn Hudson-Scott on Nov 21, 2015
    Get some gimp or fringe to add along the metal and on the bottom or get some wide ribbon and a matching smaller ribbon and trim the top and bottom.

  • Tina Tina on Nov 21, 2015
    If you want to keep it simple, just paint it with acrylic paint (water based) Two minutes later...:)

  • Joanne Joanne on Nov 21, 2015
    Use a small piece of natural sea sponge and lightly sponge onto the lamp shade metallic gold and silver paint. I usually use model paint as I think it looks the closest to gold and silver.

  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Nov 22, 2015
    That sounds like a dandy idea Joanne from Albany. I'll have to keep that in mind .

  • Tina Tina on Nov 26, 2015
    I've only used a brush, and have never had streaks....some shades painted 2 or 3 times over the years...a case of 'have fun or chuck it out'

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 02, 2016
    In the same boat, but I was thinking of just stenciling an ivy boarder around the shade or a larger simple leaf stencil in the middle. Besides whatever the color on the outside it will be different during the day and a silhouette when the light is on.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 02, 2016
    What about using an antique gold paint stencil swirl type to match the curves of the lamp itself?

  • Conniehatfield3 Conniehatfield3 on Jan 02, 2016
    I hot glued complimentary striped ribbon down my vertical bars. Also ho glued rows of white carnations along the bottom. This repeated the ribbon and carnations in the bedroom and made the lamp look customized! Just an idea! Best of Luck!