Help with triangular wall section

Lu Howard
by Lu Howard
I just purchased this round, beveled mirror off craigslist with the intention of repainting it to hang above our TV/bookcase in our living area. It is a triangular space with the stairway to the second level located behind the triangular-shaped wall space. (I also need to do something on the big wall on the far side of the staircase... next project!) The framing of the mirror is wood and I'm looking for idea for a new finish for the frame, as well as hanging/decorating ideas for space above the tv built-in.. The mirror is 28" diameter, overall, and the length of the top of built-in is 103". Thank you!!
103" long Built-in cabinet on triangular wall
28 " Mirror to be refinished
another view to show bottom of staircase
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  • Lana Davis-Norris Lana Davis-Norris on Jul 11, 2014
    If you want o change the look of your mirror from wood to another finish, Lowes Home Improvement sells spray paint of sorts that can make a finish look like stone. Are you planning on painting the white built-in? I would. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same color as all of your trim. I would remove the wind direction stand and put the mirror above that. You could even paint that wall a different color if you want it to be your focal point. I would also put up some pictures of family maybe or other art work going up your steps.I hope this helps.
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    • Lana Davis-Norris Lana Davis-Norris on Jul 11, 2014
      @Lu Howard That's what I was going to suggest as far as pictures goes! :) But I wasn't sure of that was something you were interested in.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 11, 2014
    It looks like you need a pop of color with all that white! What colors do you have in your room? If all beige, try a cranberry with some shading (dark was or overlay of color). Or pick your favorite color...a bright blue or creamy yellow...then add that color somewhere along that space. I noticed your object (a moose?) figure to the right of the stairs...this needs to be on top of the mantel for height. This is a lovely space!
    • Lu Howard Lu Howard on Jul 11, 2014
      @Jeanette S Thank you so much for your response! Two walls of the adjacent dining area, which is open to this living space, are a kind of 'oxblood' red. That same red is found in print upholstery fabrics on dining chairs and in chosen fabric for a chair for living space. What about the mirror frame painted that color? I have some of that wall paint left over. If so, maybe some kind of antiquish finish added?? Thank you!