Looking for ideas for rustic house number plaques

Any ideas for a unique rustic house address plaque?
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  • Marcela Marcela on Jun 15, 2016
    I used blu glass pebbles on a piece of wood already covered with thus sand and some shells at the corners. You can do numbers or letters

  • Teresa Teresa on Jun 15, 2016
    Lots of fun ideas I made my sign out of a tile and wood that I glued together and added numbers that I use 2 part epoxy. The numbers I found in an old bin of numbers and the tile was a clearance of white marble and a scrap of wood the white makes the numbers show up really well.

  • Phil Phil on Jun 16, 2016
    I made a sign for camping with our last name and very rustic including the numbers

  • Tammy Tammy on Jun 16, 2016
    I live in an colonial style house with white siding (upper half of house), stone (lower half of house), black exterior shutters and the trims are white. Our old address plaque was falling to pieces and I wanted something nice that would not cost and arm and a leg. I wanted something that would stand out and compliment all that black and white. It took me a minute to think about it but one day as I was completing one of my many projects, I saw a piece of wood 12 in x 16 in and I knew I could do something with that. I remembered that I had some left over Aluminum roll (from another project) and Voila', I knew exactly what to do. I sprayed glued some dollar store aluminum foil all over the wood to protect it. I then cut the aluminum roll long enough where it would wrap around the sides of the wood. I used upholstery nails to tightly nail the aluminum sheet to the wood (back of wood so that you would not see the nails). I reused the old house numbers (which I had spray painted glossy black to refresh them). I did have to buy one number 5 because the old one was broken ($1.49). I also brought the letters for up and down at 58 cents each. I took a small piece of the aluminum roll and cut a design with it and nailed that to the back of the plaque. I did this so that I wouldn't have to drill through my plaque. I also brought 2 Hex Head Sleeve Anchors for 97 cents each which I drill into the stone and secured the plaque by screwing the hex nut through the trim at the top of the address plaque . I had most of the stuff I needed for this project, I only spent $7.32 (incl. tax). If you like my idea, instead of aluminum, maybe you can get copper sheeting instead.

  • Pamela Dalton Pamela Dalton on Jun 24, 2016
    A slice of a tree with the bark still on looks great with your number painted on or glued on with buttons in your favourite colour.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 23, 2021

    Hi Jenny, this lovely tutorial will show you how to make a solar-powered house number plaque using repurposed bits - https://www.interiorfrugalista.com/2021/08/solar-lighted-house-number-planter.html