How do I make slipcovers for a sectional couch?

I have a sectional couch, love it but needs covered. I bought slip covers, by they don't fit well, because it's made for regular couch and loveseat.

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  • Karen Tokarse Karen Tokarse on Aug 29, 2017
    If those slipcovers that fit each cushion are what you like, turn the cover inside out and PIN the edges to fit. Remove and sew along the pinned areas. You may have to custom fit a few areas, but this should give you what you want. If you need slipcovers that will fit your sectional, go to I get the stretchy, faux suede for a more realistic fit.

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 29, 2017
    I was just about to suggest going on SureFit's website but Karen (from Georgia) beat me to it! :). I'm sure with the popularity of sectionals these days, they must have slipcovers that fit. As for instructions, go on Google (and also You Tube) and type in: "How to make slipcovers for Sectionals" and you'll find clear and concise instructions.

  • Sharon Proffitt Knauer Sharon Proffitt Knauer on Aug 30, 2017
    If you really want to MAKE SLIPCOVERS and not use any you have, there are PATTERNS FOR THESE in fabric stores like Joann Fabric stores or any sewing center that has patterns for clothing, etc. years ago i bought a pattern from, i think the brand was SIMPLICITY PATTERNS, that had very easy multiple, adjustable patterns for different styles and you just take measurements. (the covers of the patterns show pictures and you choose the closest style to yours) i acually made a cover out of a "liner" type cloth first which i sewed and adjusted as needed. then i used upholstery fabric to the same exact fit and when they both fit well used the liner sewed to the upholstery fabric and it was an excellent way to keep wet stains from leaking thru. look in the pattern books in the upholstery/home and garden sections. i made mine from blue denim bought in the upholstery section of the fabric store which has cloth in much wider sizes. i love it and still receive compliments on the old blue jean pockets i sewed here and there on the sides of the arms for Remotes, pen and pads, decorative places, etc... I hope this helps. i love that people are still SEWING like me.