How do I replace elastic in fitted sheets

Have fitted sheets that are still good sheets but the elastic is gone. What do I do?
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  • Carol S Carol S on Jan 19, 2014
    Depends on how the elastic is sewn onto the sheet & if there is still some elasticity to the corners. I have fixed this situation a few ways over the years. Pinch an inch or so each corner and sew a dart in to the corner to take up the slack or buy elastic with double ended clasps and afix them to the sheet at the top corners. You can also remove the old elastic & use a zig, zag stitch to secure the newer elastic. There is one other way I can think of, but you have to have some room to play with in the material and that is to roll and stitch an opened tunnel and slide the new elastic through using a safety pin to push/pull the elastic through and sew it on each end. Hope this helps.
  • Marge Marge on Jan 19, 2014
    Treat yourself to a new set. The old sheets come in handy, eg. I always carry one in the trunk of my car.
  • Renie Thompson Renie Thompson on Jan 19, 2014
    I use sheet "garters". Not sure what the official name is.
  • Marge Marge on Jan 20, 2014
    If it isn't already made this way, fold over the fabric where the elastic should be. Sew this making sure there is room enough for the elastic and pull new elastic through using a safety pin. Then sew over each end of the elastic to hold it in place. I do like the darts and sheet garters too.
  • Dmg3224724 Dmg3224724 on Dec 06, 2015
    Sew bias seam tape around each corner, leaving the ends open. Safety pin one end of 1/4 inch elastic and work it into the bias seam tape tunnel. Sew it at one end, adjust the elastic to desired tightness, then sew it at the other end. This is what my mom used to do, and it works.