Dying drapery tieback tassels!

by Ellie
Has anyone dyed tie back tassels? The ones I want to dye are very thick and I don't know the fabric content. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.
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  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Jul 22, 2015
    Your answer lies with the fiber type of your tassels, absolutely. You can clip one of the inner strands (add a drop of glue if it looks like the end will fray) and either test different dyes or google how to find out what the fibre is. If your tassels have a slinky sort of drape and feel, it is very possible they are polyester, in which case dying is not an option as no dye will take. You can also go to one of those guys who dye shoes to match your dress (if they still exist), and they will tell you if they are dyeable by determining the fiber. My other advice: contact dharma trading compamy on the internet, and ask them what to do. They sell extensive dyes, fibres that are dyable, and offer help on dyeing.
  • Valerie Valerie on Jul 23, 2015
    I don't have all the answers for you but just a few suggestions. I would only consider dying them if you intend to go for a darker colour. If you do go ahead I would place the dye in a bucket and then put a rod across the top of the bucket and then suspend the tassels (put the rod through the centre of the tassels) into the dying liquid. You could also set up the bucket handle to assist in holding the tassel in position.
    • Ellie Ellie on Jul 23, 2015
      @Valerie thanks for the suggestions, yes I intended to go a bit darker. from a goldish beige to a med. green blue. I like the idea of using a bucket.Thanks to Duval.26 I looked on, line and found Rit makes a dye called dyemore that's for non cotton fabrics or fibers. That might work because I'm assuming that they are a combination of fibers.
  • Brenda Coleman Brenda Coleman on Jul 26, 2015
    be sure to use plastic gloves or you will dye more than the tassels. lolol Once you dye them let them air dry first. Then when dry put them in a cloth type bag and place in your dryer for a few minutes this will fluff them back up and set the dye. Just don't throw them in the dryer without placing them in a bag first. or they will end up fuzz. lol
    • Ellie Ellie on Jul 26, 2015
      @Brenda Coleman Thank you Brenda, for the good suggestions. I definitely don't need green hands, lol !!!
  • Andrea Briscoe McGinley Andrea Briscoe McGinley on Mar 24, 2016
    I would think that the tassles are made of either 100% polyester or a mixture of poly/cotton. In either case you will need a dye that can adhere to polyester. Regular fabric dyes will not take to poly. Check your local JoAnns or other craft store for a polyester dye.
  • Ellie Ellie on Mar 24, 2016
    Thank You Andrea, I have not done this yet. Still trying t get up my nerve, I think.