I want to make a hole on side of a wine bottle

I want to make a hole about size of quarter on the side of a wine bottle. Any suggestions.
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  • SJazz SJazz on Jan 25, 2015
    Glass cutting drill bit with dripping water to the area as you drill

  • Jean B Jean B on Jan 25, 2015
    best drill bit for glass is a hole saw diamond drill bit, check Harbor Freight. make a small donut out of modeling clay and place on bottle. pour a small amount of oil mixed with water into the donut hole and drill hole. keep adding oil/water mixture into hole as needed to keep drill bit from overheating. fyi the oil I used is a diamond coolant from Hobby Lobby used by stained glass cutters.

  • Robin H Robin H on Jan 25, 2015
    You can drip water onto the area, or immerse the bottle so that it JUST covers where you want to drill with a diamond drill bit - too much and you'll just be making a splashy mess. You don't want to heat the area with the drill, so the water (either dripping or immersion) keeps the temp down so the bottle won't shatter. Hope this helps!

  • Colimbia1 Colimbia1 on Jan 25, 2015
    @Anna H. Glad you asked for advice. I have wanted instructions for drilling into bottles and "Hometalkers" gave great instructions.

  • Darla Darla on Mar 07, 2015
    I've used the drill bit method- but, filled the bottle half-full of sand mixed with water... a trickle of water running over the outside of the bottle while you drill, keeps it cool... the sand-mix stabilizes the bottle and provides support. Don't use excessive pressure while drilling. :-)