I want to make centerpieces with dolphin motif that goes above lamps.

I need to make centerpieces that can go around small beaded table lamps (no more than 6). It’s for a college graduation, and the mascot is a dolphin. I would want to include either books, a memo pad, a newspaper (since the Grad is majoring in English writing with a concentration in Journalism). The school colors are mainly teal, white, grey, blue. I will try to attach a photo of the lamp.
I would also like to make something with the graduate’s name (he’s a guy), like a block embellished with led string lights, ribbon, etc. Ideas would be so much appreciated!
q i want to make centerpieces with dolphin motif that goes above lamps
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 19, 2018
    start with a mylar balloon,place pictures of dolphins around the lamp,use ocean colored confetti,

    • Janine Janine on Jan 21, 2018
      I would have to ask the hall... they may not allow confetti (have already bought that & many ormther items as “just in case” stuff. I have purchased circular foam rings that you can make a wreath with, yet my husband thinks they won’t be seen at the base of the lamps (I can’t attac anything to them...not allowed). I am planning to get dolphin balloons with school color. Thank you for your ideas!!

  • Susan Susan on Jan 20, 2018
    Could you set the lamp on a few books to incorporate that idea. I would run some ribbon in the school colors through the beading to get at that. No bows or frilly because he’s a guy but enough to add color. Or cover some books with some pretty paper in the school colors and add a dolphin motif to that. Stand them up on either side of the lamp. Add a few shells as ‘table confetti’. Can you change the lamp? A different shade might give you more options. Also, could you get some inexpensive dolphin statues? A couple at each table? Did you check Amazon?

    • Janine Janine on Jan 21, 2018
      I would have to ask the hall about confetti...I have thought a that, but they may not allow. I like your idea about the book propping, or putting underneath lamps, either covered with schiool colors, school motif, etc. I wouldn’t make it to frilly...not too many flower, but enough for it to be an embellishment that would loo nice in the hall.
      I can’t attach anything to the lamps, hall won’t allow.
      I have bought different stuff since two years ago, and am just trying to get an idea to gel. Your ideas are appreciated and nice ideas at that, simple and understated, but with enough style to get the message across.
      I can’t wait until Michael’s etc. gets to the graduation season! I have checked Pinterest, which also leads to Etsy, Amazon, etc. and am gathering ideas/taking pics!

  • Kathy A Kathy A on Jan 20, 2018
    Love everyones' ideas. Seems like a dollar store or souvenir type shop should have some cheap plastic dolphins. Painted in a pewter/antique silver or metallic to go with the lamps will rich them up; one on either side of the lamp facing outward? I'm thinking the pose with them cresting out of the water on a wave--dry brush teal (metallic?) on the waves with a touch of white fake snow paint to look like seafoam. Titling vintage or covered books with journalism/English/ composition titles on vintage looking labels would be easy and inexpensive; school colors sounds great. Download some dolphin pictures, cut them out, and glue to books?? Glass pebbles (clear and opaque) in your colors would also make great table scatter especially with the shells. Small memo pads would make great table favors--maybe you can get them in the school colors? Probably expect the guests to walk off with a lot of your stuff (or announce that they can take one home...). Don't forget to get some pix before guests arrive. You've got enough time to start now and use AC Moore's, Michael's, Joanne's, and Hobby Lobby's coupons to get 40% off single items (go with a bunch of friends armed with coupons!). If you or friends sew, a napkin-sized "table runner" under the candle with a dolphin/journalism pattern could be cute. Or even newsprint? You're going to get a lot of compliments for the decor, whatever you decide!

    • Janine Janine on Jan 21, 2018
      I have been shopping for items since 2+ years ago! Lol! I have bought dolphins that have been cut out & have bought many “just-in case items” (glass pebbles in school colors, ribbons, flowers, silver/blue star garland, etc.) I just have to have an idea gel together. But thank you for your ideas about painting dolphins in a metallic color and adding a sea foam look, nice idea! But I can’t attach them to the lamps (hall won’t allow and there’s small beads on lamps) so I was thinking of something that can go around the bottom, but then extend upward (bought circular foam for wreaths). I also like your idea of the books and of where to get them...I have seen some ideas on Pinterest/Google with books, papet. I have also seen something with flowers and pencils glued on outsider a small vase with flower, etc....I would embellish with other stuff, such as mascot hats, the year, name of college/son’s name, etc. I am VERY aware of taking pics before they go to hall...I’ve done this with the grim Pinterest’s, etc., ideas, too!). I’m also thinking of putting out candy jars with lollipops that say “so long suckers” or candy worms that say “bookworm“.
      I’m aware of the possibility of people taking centerpieces, but I don’t want that to happen, and will have eyes watching...there won’t be many anyway....not a lot of tables.
      I’ve even bought decor for outside/inside my house, too, even though I’m having it at a room in the hall!! I can’t wait until Michael‘s, Christmas Tree Shops, etc. get into the the graduation season, so I can get the specific “Class of 2018!” This party is special because my son’s HS ceremony was ruined by the Principal and they didn’t get “The Walk”.
      Thanks again for your ideas!!

  • Jan28347640 Jan28347640 on Jan 23, 2018
    Just a thought. You can use a Styrofoam wreath, wrap it with clothesline or sisal, etc. for a nautical look, lay it flat then set the lamp in the middle of the wreath. Use pointed toothpicks dipped in glue on one end and pushed into the wreath to secure some decorations, pictures, dolphins from the toy dept, hot glue a few shells on the twine between the decorations. Add some of the colored stones from the floral department around the wreath on the table if there are no children attending.