Aluminum food pan decoration

by Joan
I am having thirty people for Thanksgiving and need to use those ugly aluminum pans for the food. Any ideas on how I can decorate them after they come out of the oven?
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  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 17, 2014
    Will you have the pans on a buffet table? I feel like dressing the table up would be the way to go. Check out these posts for ideas:
  • Becky Wood Becky Wood on Nov 17, 2014
    That is a challenging question. I originally looked at this wondering what kind of answers you would get so future uses...all I could think of was transfer food to another containers, put them in chafing dishes (which would be costly if you don't already own some or can borrow some). Then an idea hit me.....using cardboard, custom design a holder to fit your aluminum pans and then cover with paper, fabric or paint. You not only cover the pan, but make them their on heating pad to protect counter tops and might even insulate them a little to help keep the dish warm longer. There are a lot of ideas for decorating boxes for storage on here and Pinterest, maybe that would give your some ideas. Washi tape, burlap, scrap book paper...just a few ideas.
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    • Becky Wood Becky Wood on Nov 20, 2014
      @Joan You are very welcome. I just kind of looked around and asked myself what I could do here at home without having to buy anything. For some reason, that's what my brain landed on. LOL
  • Becky Wood Becky Wood on Nov 17, 2014
    You can buy colored aluminum pans and chafing racks like this: