Lampshade, how do i re-do it.

the material on it is stained. so i want to put something new on it.
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  • Karen Hustus Karen Hustus on Jan 27, 2014
    Completely recovering a fabric lampshade can be labor intensive with a lot of hand sewing, but you can make a fabric cover out of thin fabric, like chiffon, and hide the stains without much trouble. First, measure the shade from top to bottom, and add 2 inches to that measurement. (Example: 16" from top to bottom + 2" = 18") Then measure around the widest part of the shade and multiply by 2. ( Example: If the shade measures 24", multiply by 2 and you have 48") Cut a piece of sheer fabric with your two new measurement numbers (18" x 48") and sew the two short ends together to make a tube. Turn under 3/4" on both long edges press. Make sure that you press your casings to the inside so that none of the raw edges of the seams show on the outside. Stitch close to the raw edge of the fabric, all the way around, leaving a 1" gap between the beginning and end of your stitching to make a casing. Thread elastic or ribbon through the gap in the casings and begin to gather your fabric evenly until the fabric tube is roughly the size of your lampshade. You can now slip your fabric tube over the shade and continue to gather until tightly fitted over the shade. Tie off the ribbon or pin the elastic so that it will not loosen up but stay tight to the shade. Adjust the gathers to make them even over the entire shade. At this point you can either leave the cover as is or whipstitch it permanently in place over the shade. I hope this helps with your redo.

  • Judith Beumel-Card Judith Beumel-Card on Jan 28, 2014
    You can use coffee fliters, just fold in half, then half again, then sort of scrunch up and hot glue to shade starting at the bottom and working up. I think you can find exact directions on Pintinerst(sp?) looks like flowers on shade. Good Luck

  • KathrynElizabeth Etier KathrynElizabeth Etier on Jan 28, 2014
    Depending on the shade, you could use colorful jewelry wire and string beads or hang beads on thread from the top hoop.