I want to make a frame for a small mirror

I have a small square mirror that I need to make a frame to hang it. Any ideas?
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  • Christine Durkin Christine Durkin on Jun 30, 2016
    You could buy a length of rope, preferably a thick one, braid it and then glue it around the edges of the mirror. If you don't want the natural look, you can paint the rope with a color or colors of your choice before braiding.

  • Ang6697298 Ang6697298 on Jun 30, 2016
    I glued a small mirror in the center of a stretched canvas (any size you like). Then I rolled magazine pages around a dowel and secured the edge with stick glue. Last I hot-glued the "straws" onto the canvas in a design around my mirror.

  • Black Hills Rosie Black Hills Rosie on Jun 30, 2016
    Maybe it would be possible to find a picture frame to fit it? You could gussy up the frame if you like.

  • Sportnsamski Sportnsamski on Jul 01, 2016
    In the past I actually used 1)regular tan tape (used in packing boxes for example), 2)cardboard in the size of the object framing, or just a lil larger/wider-ie a 1"inch diameter, 3)shoe polish of your choice, I used brown because it looked like leather once completed. Now what you do is tear the tan tape up into jagged pieced as you pull it from the roll- there is no wrong way. Once removed from the roll you place the tape pieces onto the cardboard 1"diameter, overlapping some so there is NO cardboard showing. Once all the cardboard is covered, go back over the all the tape pressing down to make sure that all pieces are adhered & secured. Now you will take the brown shoe polish either by the applicator that is with the polish or use cotton ball, paper towel and apply it/shoe polish to the tan tape. You will be pleasantly surprised at how attractive this will look once completed.

  • Angie Angie on Jul 01, 2016
    There is a company that sells frames for plain mirrors already attached to your walls. I believe it's www.mirrormates.com I hope this is correct as my memory is not so good any more. Good luck.

  • Tina Pancoast Hagenbuch Tina Pancoast Hagenbuch on Jul 01, 2016
    We collected drift wood pieces at the beach and hot glued them to the mirror. I seen the look at a high end store and fell in love with it. So many ways and materials to make it beautiful with inexpensive items. Wine bottle corks, buttons, lace trim faux pearls of varied sizes, pebbles and of course sea shells. Enjoy and post a pic when you are done.