Making hardwood floors out of Knotty Pine panels?

My dining room and hall have really nice knotty pine panels. Problem is, I don't prefer that look in those spaces. I have carpet in both rooms which I would love to replace with wood or wood laminate, especially due to my allergies and the ease in cleaning. Now I'm wondering if I took the panels down and replaced them with sheet rock (instead of painting them), if it would be possible to use those wood panels for flooring?
q making hard wood floors out of knotty pine panels, flooring, hardwood floors, how to, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, This is my dining room area As you can tell the walls are knotty pine
This is my dining room area. As you can tell, the walls are knotty pine.
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  • @Libby @ Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth ..The boyfriend does flooring of all types, except carpet. He said if it is tongue and groove , yes you can use it for what you wish to do. If it is not, you cannot use it . I hope this helps.

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    • @Libby @ Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth ...Oh, good . :) I am glad you understand what hes referring to. you're so welcome, please dont hesitate to ask if can be of further help. Make it a fabulous, faithful Friday !

  • Shell Stuart Shell Stuart on Feb 13, 2015
    I did this with a breakfast bar that we created and made in a rental house. Additional description listed in the pictures.

  • Valerie W Valerie W on Nov 25, 2015
    Pine is a soft wood and is easily dented and scratched. Not used as hardwood, but you could certainly seal it with a hard finish.