Painting lids of baby food jars

by Debbie
I buy my spices from a local produce stand and they come in thin breakable plastic containers, so I have been putting the spices into empty baby food jars, i would like to make them look nice, so is there a way to paint the lids and still let me wash them or to just paint them? My craft paint will not work, it just slides off. (I am a novice crafter)
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  • Anne Anne on Mar 09, 2015
    Use Folk Art Enamel paint.
  • Debbie Debbie on Mar 09, 2015
    I would use spray paint that is for multi surface. Good luck!
  • M'sMammy M'sMammy on Mar 09, 2015
    I have not used chalkboard paint, but even a flat black paint would work. Then use a paint marker and permanently put the names on.
  • Jennifer Weakley Jennifer Weakley on Mar 09, 2015
    The lids are really smooth, have you tried lightly sanding them with high grit sandpaper to give the paint a bit of texture to stick to?
  • C Devine C Devine on Mar 09, 2015
    Use Krylon paint, spray can, found at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. It will be fine
  • Catux1 Catux1 on Mar 09, 2015
    Make sure the paint is safe to be around food.
  • Sue Peet Sue Peet on Mar 09, 2015
    Buy paint that is for metal and is waterproof. Then there shouldn't be a problem when you wash them. I've seen paint for metal in spray can form also in the size of craft paint bottles. Check on-line to see what would be the best way to go.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Mar 09, 2015
    I would scour them up a bit with sandpaper for metal - just a bit. Line em up on newspaper and hit em with some rustoleum spray. Or you can glue some fabric on top and ribbon on the side if you don't want nasty propellants!
  • Jan Jan on Mar 09, 2015
    Have had good luck with spray enamel---like was said above make sure it says multi surface---did a lot of stuff for Christmas in jars---maybe sand lightly if really shiny
  • Debbie Debbie on Mar 13, 2015
    Thanks everyone