Intact pallets as wall covering

I want to cover my large (13 by 9) gallery wall with pallets that have NOT been taken apart. I want to attach narrow shelves to parts of the pallets (pallet boards would be be horizontal) I am able to display my various bronzes amidst my ornate rather large picture frames. I also want to be able to use the pallet spaces to help hide cord, etc.
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  • Bobby Bobby on Feb 07, 2015
    sure you can as long as you use proper anchors to support the weight of the bronzes

  • While I thing this might be a great idea, I think you need to perhaps look at doing this in another way. The pallets can be difficult to find in enough quantity and shape/size. Also they can tend to become a pretty big dust collector with all those boards. I would suggest that perhaps you paint your wall your color choice, Then nail 2x4 wood perhaps slightly distressed on the surface to give it that used Pallet look vertically on the walls. This would be where you would screw sideways your shelf brackets to hold the shelves. Then using reclaimed pallets that are disassembled Nail the pallet boards onto the face of the newly installed wall vertical wall studs. You can vary the distance between each board to give it more of a industrial look, and you can create a more even pattern on the wall. using tiny screws instead of nails, will also enable you to remove some of the boards should you need to move shelves around a bit. You will find you will have a lot more luck in finding the pallet wood in this fashion then trying to find enough of one size that when assembled would fit on the wall.

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    • @PainterNoni basically what am saying is use the pallet wood you would normally be looking at and construct your own pallet of sorts right on the wall. You will achieve your need to hold shelves, the pallet look, and a place behind the boards to hide your wires etc. Its just much harder to find a few pallets that are not really heavy and that are the same size to fit on the wall.

  • Jackie Gfeller Jackie Gfeller on Feb 07, 2015
    I have a tendency to be practical and cleaning a splintery pallet would seem like a nightmare to me. It would snag any cloth used and it would eat the feathers of a feather duster. If you painted it would suck paint to the nth degree and that could get expensive unless you primer it with all your old left over paints laying around the house. The rough wood draws dust and cobwebs like a magnet. Not to rain on a free parade, but I don't see the love in this project. I saw someone use plastic pipe the other day to enclose cords, and I also saw someone take the cords themselves and make an artistic design with them on the wall. just thinkin'...having had to work with pallets I don't have much love left for them when the splinters arrive! ha. Good luck!

    • PainterNoni PainterNoni on Feb 07, 2015
      @Jackie Gfeller ..hmmm....maybe I go back to the box idea. string 2 by 2's or 2 by 4's to frame the box....the use horizontal 1 by 4's , either with spacers between the boards, or with hidden trap doors for cords. Am really not worried about the money.......or plywood front with invisable trap doors? The wall is really supposed to be invisable, but showcasing the art. I need to read my Iphone for dummies, then face book for dummies so I can show picture.

  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Feb 07, 2015
    Yeah I would need to see the pics to understand exactly what you are going for.