What can I do with these hideous bathroom wall mirrors from the 70’s

The bathroom in the house my friend rents ( so I don’t want to
i vest much money) has a complete wall of those 70’s ( I think) mirrors. They are dingy, scratched, and just plain yucky looking. It’s k nd of large mosaic-y mirrors. I know I shouldn’t but I hesitate to invite anyone to my house because of how bad they look. What is a frugal way to change it up to bring it more up to date and nice? I don’t mind to spend some money but it’s not my house so I do want to be thrifty. she and I are both “crafty” and loving be a challenge but this one stumps both of us.

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  • Sharon Sharon on May 27, 2018
    I don't know how big of an area but you could wallpaper over it, hang some pretty material and then pull over to side with decorative rope, put up a trellis and use decorative hooks to hang towels etc, make several framed Windows with ledges to put toiletries on.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on May 27, 2018
    How about.... temporary wall paper!?! Best invention for renters ever - I love it and it comes in so many styles and patterns, even with borders, so your only limit is your imagination. It's kinda like a big sticker, but it comes off very easily when you're ready to move or you just want to change the look! One of my favorites is chasingpaper.com, modern, traditional and fun ideas. their paper is actually more like cloth, but the best part is, if you later notice a crooked part, you can peel it down, and re-stick it! their pieces are 2x4 feet, so you're not having to handle a huge roll and trying to cut in straight, etc.