Where can I get baseboard lighting for a bathroom that will light when someone walks in

Pam M
by Pam M
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  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jul 09, 2012
    Pam, what type of "baseboard" lighting are you looking for? You could use LED rope lighting or a LED strip light....which depends on the length of the baseboard you are lighting. The easy part is wiring the circuit to you existing wall switch location and converting that to a double gang junction box ( or triple gang if you have a switched exhaust fan) and adding a PIR (passive infrared) sensor switch, more commonly referred to as a motion sensor switch. The sensor detects the change of temperature and can be set to remain on from less than a minuet to about 15 minuets when into longer detects the temperature created by the human body. The switch also detects "motion" in an arc of 180 degrees, so it detects someone as soon as they enter the room. Hope this is of some help. Gary
  • Pam M Pam M on Jul 10, 2012
    I'm not sure. We were touring a home and the owner referred to it as "toe lighting". It did look like LED lighting.
  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Jul 10, 2012
    I put a motion detector switch in my teenaged son's bathroom. Now I no longer have to nag him about turning off the lights when he leaves!
  • Pam M Pam M on Jul 15, 2012
    Thanks to everyone who offered assistance. It was helpful and the contractor now says he has an idea about what we want in our new house