What do you use to adhere your pressed flowers to canvas board?

by Jeanb3125
I am into pressing some flowers and need to know if you MUST use archival paper in your press or if any thing else can be used. And then need to know how to attach my dried flowers to my stretched canvas.
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jun 06, 2017

    I've used regular printer paper to press flowers and it came out fine. When adhering them to canvas you want to handle them with tweezers. Use an acid free glue stick or glue pen to apply a tiny amount of glue to the canvas, then place flowers onto the glued portion of the canvas. Use a good adhesive. Perfect Paper Adhesive is an acid free transparent adhesive and sealer with a UV inhibitor. Using the matt formula, you can't see it on the flowers, but the gloss will give a shiny finish. Choose your preferred finish and you're set to go. You can also use this as your sealer. Good luck!

    • Jeanb3125 Jeanb3125 on Jun 06, 2017

      Thanks, Shoshana. Does the Perfect Paper Adhesive come in the glue stick or glue pen?

      I was wondering if Modge Podge would work or if it would hurt the flower in any way. Don't know if Modge Podge has any formula that is acid free or not.


  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 11, 2017

    Modge Podge Paper Matte is acid free. I haven't checked further for other Modge Podge formulas.


  • Jeanb3125 Jeanb3125 on Jun 11, 2017

    Thanks, Linda S. Sikut. Think that is what I am going to try.