Stick your graphic on packing tape

You don’t even need to buy anything special for this technique. Get tutorial here

Dab some Mod Podge on paper

It’s a slow process, but this is a great way to transfer a graphic onto wood. Get tutorial here

Hand trace letters with a marker

Go old school with this technique that really tests your handwriting. Get tutorial here

Mod podge your favorite print onto a canvas

This is so much cooler than framing your favorite picture. Get tutorial here

Iron your favorite sayings on fabric

These chairs got a whole new upgrade with some one-word graphics. Get tutorial here

Use some transfer paper for an easy project

This is probably the simplest way to transfer a graphic. Get tutorial here

Wet the graphic with a sponge

We love how vintage this sign looks. Get tutorial here

Use transparency film for a clean transfer

The film makes it super easy to transfer your images from your computer onto any surface. Get tutorial here

Trace an image with graphite paper

The harsh lines were just what this distressed buffet table needed. Get tutorial here

Transfer your graphic with carbon paper

Then paint it with a bright color that really makes it stand out. Get tutorial here