Or make your own colorful shaggy rug

This rug is fun and easy, and is the perfect thing for their feet in the morning. Get tutorial here

Brighten it with some paint and accessories

This dark room got a total makeover for less than $150, and became the main hangout room. Get tutorial here

Add some character and design with wallpaper

If painting is not an option, wall paper is a great alternative that can change up any room. Get tutorial here

Dye old sofas to make them match

These students turned their road-side seats into a matching couch set. Get tutorial here

Make a cute utensil holder and paper pad

Encourage they take notes with this stylish pen holder and paper pad. Get tutorial here

Cover a bulletin board with fabric

Repurpose an old bulletin board and give your kids a place to hang their memos. Get tutorial here

Find a desk in any small corner

This fold down desk turned into a study station with industrial shelving. Get tutorial here

Wrap a mirror with some rustic charm

A mirror opens up any room, and this rope-wrapped one adds great decor, too. Get tutorial here

Keep their feet warm with a DIY area rug

Stay on budget by collecting sample squares of carpet and piecing them together. Get tutorial here

Make a picture station

No dorm room is complete without pictures, so make sure they have the perfect place to put them. Get tutorial here

Update their cabinets with contact paper

Maybe, just maybe, having a cool kitchen will encourage them to eat healthy on their own. Get tutorial here

Decorate a plain white sheet for curtains

No need to spend money on expensive curtains when you can make stunning ones for much less. Get tutorial here