Make Beautiful Flower Hoop Art

This is a DIY project that gives you a stunning nightshade flower design on an embroidery hoop. It comes from Hometalker Craftjitsu, who started off by tracing the design of a flower onto paper. She firmly attached the fabric to a hoop and taped the design onto it. It was then a question of using a blunt needle to trace around it before stitching. Get tutorial here

Add Embroidery to a Photo Transfer

Do you have a very special photo that you would like to put in pride of place in your home? If you do, then this clever project from Hometalker Small Things With Love could be just what you need. You need to print the photo onto iron-on transfer paper and then iron it onto canvas. The date or a nice design is embroidered on as a finishing touch. Get tutorial here

Make a Quilt for a Baby

Some of the best embroidery designs are ideal for creating cute, memorable baby gifts. In this case, Hometalker Lindsey McCord shows us how to make a lovely quilt with very little effort needed. She used contrasting prints and added a border in natural linen. With several hours of straight stitching in simple rows, she achieved a fantastic look. Get tutorial here

Make Gorgeous Hearts with Embroidery

These cute embroidered coasters are based on the fun conversation hearts that we all love. They are the handiwork of Hometalker Brittany and they turned out to be absolutely lovely to look at. She made them in a number of different colors and with simple but heart-warming phrases such as “marry me” and “be mine” neatly stitched into them. Get tutorial here

Name Art Embroidery Ideas

Using your embroidery skills to create art using a name is a clever way of creating a quality gift. Hometalker Kristy Lingebach gives a terrific example in this project to create embroidered name art. After painting the canvas, she used a pencil transfer for the name. She outlined the name in hot glue before stitching the detail through the canvas. Get tutorial here

The Faux Embroidery Look

This project is all about making a plain lampshade far more interesting. Hometalker Jamie @ So Much Better With Age came up with a pretty faux embroidered look that is simpler to make than it seems. You don’t need to have an embroidery machine or experience to do this. She just used cording and a hot glue gun to create a clever illusion instead. Get tutorial here

Easy Embroidery with Burlap

The type of material you choose to embroider will have a big effect on what results you get. The image above is from Hometalker Jamie @ C.R.A.F.T., who points out how easy it is to use burlap. Her smart project making a paper stencil and stitching over it. This simple but effective approach gives you a lot of flexibility in creating art. Get tutorial here

A Lotus Flower Embroidery Project

What if you don’t have much time to work in or lack access to an embroidery machine? Hometalker Craftjitsu decided to show how to make a striking lotus flower design with 20 minutes of work each day. It is a delightful design that is sure to be a real highlight in any room where you choose to put it and will act as an inspiration to beginners. Get tutorial here

A Festive Embroidered Pillow

Some embroidery projects are perfect for making the festive season even more special. This Christmas embroidered pillow is a terrific example. Hometalker Maria S came up with a stunning design. She used different colored embroidery floss, a pencil, and transfer paper among her supplies. Once she had her sketch, she was ready to stitch the design. Get tutorial here

Lace Clutch Embroidery Designs

This beautiful clutch shows how embroidery techniques can be used to make a marvelous accessory. Hometalker Small Things With Love used supplies such as white lace, embroidery floss, and thin ribbon. She layered lace and felt and put some embellishments to the front. After adding stems and leaves, she made the final touches on a sewing machine. Get tutorial here

Embroidery for Kids

The good news is that you can also choose easy embroidery designs for kids to use. Hometalker Zest It Up shows how the youngsters can choose their own shape to create something that interests them. They draw a shape on some burlap, thread a yarn needle, and tie a knot in the yarn. After that, they can enjoy the process of bringing the design alive. Get tutorial here

A Cute Portrait with Flowers

This DIY embroidery project is simple to carry out and very sweet. The idea comes from Hometalker Small Things With Love, who created it in a few easy steps and with a baby’s room in mind. She used an embroidery hoop and linen fabric. After sketching the image, she used different threads for the outline and details before adding felt flowers. Get tutorial here