Ideas to keep dog from chewing rugs.

Amanda M
by Amanda M
My lab loves to chew. Despite that we give her a variety of chew toys, she loves to attack my rugs. I have tried a variety of rugs to see if one is too tough for her but no such luck. The next rug type I want to try is an outdoor area rug for my foyer. Suggestions about products or training methods to keep her from chewing rugs when we're absent?
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  • Shari Shari on Aug 07, 2012
    My comment and the photo I have attached probably isn't really appropriate for this site since it is more pet related than home related but here's my 2 cents anyway... My husband is a former K-9 police officer and we have had German Shepherds for more than 35 years. They can be big chewers too so we've had more than our share of experience in this department. Dogs who chew not only destroy a variety of household items but risk their own health by swallowing objects, which can easily get stuck in their intestines. If not addressed promptly, foreign body obstruction can kill a dog and even if it doesn't, surgery to remove the object can be quite costly. Years ago, one of our shepherds chewed up a tennis ball without our knowledge and almost died when it blocked her intestines. Two years ago, I caught our current shepherd in the act of shredding his big German Shepherd sized braided rope toy, so I threw it away, but alas, he had swallowed enough of the strings to cause a blockage. Even though we sought emergency treatment for him the moment he started showing signs of blockage, he was still one very sick boy and surgery to save his life cost almost $5,000! Since you know you have a chewer, my first recommendation would be to keep a close eye on her when you are home. Yep, having a puppy or an older dog who still chews is pretty much akin to having a toddler in the house. Apparently, by your question, she has only shown a likeness for chewing rugs so far but that could change and anything within her reach such as the TV remote, articles of clothing, the kids' toys, or your sofa could be in jeopardy. Like German Shepherds, Labs are big dogs with powerful jaws. They can tear up practically anything. Even "approved" dog toys can be dangerous. Supervision is your first line of defense. I would also recommend crate training her (in a metal, not plastic crate) so she and your home are safe when you aren't there to supervise. Some people feel putting a dog in a crate is mean but every dog we have ever had has voluntarily gone in their crate to rest, even while we are home. Even if they object at first, most dogs will come to view a crate as their "den" or safe place. (There are books and articles on the internet about the many benefits of crate training and how to accomplish it.) And for obvious reasons, dog toys, bones or blankets/pillows should not be placed in the crate with a dog who chews. Good luck!
  • Becky H Becky H on Aug 07, 2012
    Actually Shari, it was good advice. Amanda, my question is have you tried the "bitter apple" or any other flavoring offered by the pet store to discourage animals from chewing objects?
  • Amanda M Amanda M on Aug 07, 2012
    Becky, I am considering trying such products. We are also looking for a kennel large enough to accomodate her (80# and growing) that doesn't break the bank.
  • Becky H Becky H on Aug 07, 2012
    I have two such crates as I've always had large to giant dogs. Look on Craig's List or E-bay to see if you can't get one for less than new out of a pet shop.
  • Its So Very Cheri Its So Very Cheri on Aug 16, 2012
    Amanda, I would going to suggest trying something at the pet store that deters them from wanting to bite on it but that was already suggested.