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I have decided on a rug for my living room. My walls and furniture are neutral, so the rug adds a pop of color, which is really a giant step for me. I need help with what to put on my 6 windows - I was thinking maybe navy blue roman shades. I just don't know - and pillows are another dilemma altogether. Any ideas?
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  • Ginger Robinson Ginger Robinson on Oct 29, 2014
    love the colors on the rug. You don't have to go solid if you find the right pattern thats not to busy but has the some of the same colors

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    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Gloria Duy Good thought on the navy fading. I do like to change up things, so I will look at the Overstock curtains (I love Overstock, don't you?) Thanks.

  • Diane Sterling Diane Sterling on Oct 29, 2014
    So long as you stay within the same tones it will match! Love the rug, but you don't necessarily want it to be THE focal point in the room. It is a soft background touch. You could go with navy, grey, and gold with little touches of the red/pink. Grey and gold with Navy touches would be beautiful too. Even oranges, yellows, red and black or navy as the grounding elements. Great find!

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    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Diane Sterling The rug can be found at Rugs USA. Be warned - you will have so much eye candy, it will be difficult to chose. lol

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 29, 2014
    I LOVE your choice of run. The traditional oriental rugs are my very favorite. I found a very large on on super, super sale for my sister in the red...she would not have gotten it had my room been big enough for it! The color of coverings for the windows depends on how much light you have, the color of your paint and your personal preference. You can always us something very light and add bands of color. Be sure and post photos!

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 29, 2014
      @Jeanette S You are so sweet and your sister lucked out with your find. My paint is the warm tone of Revere Pewter from BM. I like the idea of something light with a band of color. I realize Navy on the windows would be too dark for my taste. I like light and airy. This time of year on the East coast we have many cloudy days.

  • Anna @Annabode Anna @Annabode on Oct 29, 2014
    That rug is fabulous! Where did you get it? As to windows, it really depends on the room…could you upload a photo? For pillows, I'd try picking up the indigo color. Something like these: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ImprintsandIndigo. And here is a photo that might help with your inspiration, as the rug is similar. Hope that helps!

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Anna @Annabode Thanks for the picture - this gives me some perspective. The rug is from Rugs USA.

  • Lynn Lynn on Oct 29, 2014
    Great picture and the light walls and sofa are similar to mine. I like the idea of the indigo pillows but for roman shades, I am going to go with something lighter. It is a quagmire, but it's fun to get so many ideas from the talented people on this site. Thanks much.

  • Lynn Lynn on Oct 29, 2014
    I just wanted everyone to know that you can purchase the rug at Rugs USA - many, many options and good prices. Have fun shopping! I will be sure to upload pictures once I pull the room together.

  • Lynn Simmons Lynn Simmons on Oct 30, 2014
    I did my living space in a combination of the pink and orange that's in your rug. Very cheerful and there's lots to coose from right now.....maybe pink sheers w/ orange valance !

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    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Lynn Simmons I hear you on there being so much to chose from. My eyeballs cross after looking at so many textures, patterns and colors. I have to get up and take a walk to clear my head. <smile>

  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Oct 30, 2014
    ladies you know you can got to Better Homes and Garden website and download your room and see what it would look like any color any where.Just thought I would let you know about this tool. It is called color finder . Here is one shortcut http://www.bhg.com/decorating/color-personality/ needs to have ality/ after what is showing up on my screen

  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Oct 30, 2014
    short cut didn't come all the way try this one. http://www.bhg.com/decorating/color-personality/

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Wanda.ll Thanks for the link. I took the Color Personality Quizz - here is the result: Blushing pink Bridging the dichotomy between sweet andsophisticated, this blush pink palette transcends styles and eras. Swirled withlavenders and minty greens, it carries you to a pastoral 19th-century Englishcottage. Or teamed with gray and black, or magenta and chocolate, the lookevokes a Park Avenue flat circa 1950.

  • Betty Van Sant Betty Van Sant on Oct 30, 2014
    My walls are a taupe/gray which I love. My sofa is a very light buckwheat color from ZGallerie. Very Parisian. I don't know what style your sofa is. Or what style your leaning towards. Any pics??

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Betty Van Sant My style is sort of eclectic, but I do lean towards shabby chic, but not too much shabby. My sofa is a cream. My chair is the same. I will get some pictures up soon.

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Oct 30, 2014
    Don't rush into anything. Look through HomeTalk andmagazines. Something will strike your fancy. It has been said touse the same three colors, not necessarily the same shade, to achievecohesiveness. They don't have to match. I agree with you that darkblue would make your room look darker. If you read below there is an article entitled “Flowingin the Sunlight: Eight Ideas for Using Fabric Window Treatment”. It may give you some ideas.

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Liliana Wells Thanks so much - I can be one to rush things. I am learning about patience..I will read the article ( I love to read and the article title is inviting on its own, along with your suggestion).

  • Linda T Linda T on Oct 30, 2014
    Before I even read your comment, I imagined the dark blue of the rug for curtains. Saying that you have cream furniture, bright pink and blue cushions would be nice, including maybe an embroidered one or two, to follow the mid eastern look.

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    • Linda T Linda T on Nov 04, 2016
      Since this is an old post, I should think you already completed your room, but just another hint. I buy pillows at Goodwill for only $3.00 each, They always have that tag that say they have been cleaned, and a lot of them look brand new. (I have lost bone, and shrunk 3", so I need to sit on pillows at home and in the car, in order to see where I am!

  • Betty Van Sant Betty Van Sant on Oct 30, 2014
    I agree with Lillian. I'm completely redecorating my house. I started with having a huge estate sale in April and the first thing I did was paint inside. Then I try to build from the floor up. I have dark hardwoods and I chose to go neutral on my rug in the grand room. I just ordered my sofa in pearl velvet and a square cocktail table from RH in vintage cigar leather. I have ivory velvet curtains or panels that just sweep the floor. If I were you I would try to find some unique pillows pick out a color in the rug. But take your time. A solid velvet would be beautiful. But I too love shabby. I'm doing a European flair Parisian really. My bedroom is shabby chic. Love it. My hubs doesn't mind. He just wants me to be happy! Hehe. But I do love your rug. Did you purchase it on Etsy? Seems like I saw one similar on that site. I love that bright pink. It will be so gorgeous when you're done!! I would lve to see so e pics!! And do take your time. I agree with Lillian. You don't want to make a mistake. It's easy cuz there's so much out there. I know. I've bought things then changed my mind. Some things you can't change your mind on. But the accessories sometimes can be the hardest part I think. I'm going for a clean look. So the pieces I purchase are going to have to make a statement. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Betty Van Sant Your ideas for your homesound dreamy and ethereal. I will keep most of my color palletneutral, it is soothing, and because the rug has enough going on. But, it really doesn't look too busy. I will sendpics soon. Oh, almost forgot - you can purchase the rug on Rugs USA.

  • Dolores DeLuise Dolores DeLuise on Oct 30, 2014
    I think you would be very unhappy with the blue on the drapes. It seems to me that you should pick up the gray in the rug, maybe a shade darker. Think of sheer or shades. The navy can enter in the pillows and throws, and don't forget the gorgeous pink!

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Dolores DeLuise I do love the pink! My walls are a warm, soft gray and gray on the windows would look lovely too.

  • Pam Pam on Oct 30, 2014
    Stay neutral on the window coverings, it's a big expense that you may be tired of in a few years. You can always add your pops of color with the accessories, they're a lot cheaper to change when you want one.

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 30, 2014
      @Pam I agree - after pricing window treatments, I realize I have to take my time. I like switching up accessories during different seasons and will find joy in doing that, and yes, they are a lot cheaper to change.

  • Betty Van Sant Betty Van Sant on Oct 30, 2014
    Can't wait to see the pics!! Love this forum!!

    • Lynn Lynn on Oct 31, 2014
      @Betty Van Sant I am with you on loving this forum!!!! At 60 years young I am still learning and you can't beat that.

  • Betty Van Sant Betty Van Sant on Oct 31, 2014
    I'm 60 too!! And I love to learn something new everyday if I can. I usually do. Life is a series of learning experiences.

  • Gladys Gladys on Sep 25, 2015
    Pull up some of the navy and reds to the walls to avoid a bottom-heavy look. It is more pleasing to me to see some uniformity in window coverings facing the outside, i.e. all light neutrals. The inside drapes can then go with each room's decor as you see fit. If you don't want to invest in colored or patterned drapes, consider window valances that complement the rug. Maybe if the sofa is neutral, try painting the wall behind it in one of the rug's deeper shades. Beautiful rug!

  • Rita Rita on Oct 30, 2016
    I would pull out the pretty aqua, yellow and orange in pillows and accents. I would keep draperies in a neutral as the walls, or if your trim is white, put up white draperies. Keep it light so you dont overpower the rug. Let her shine and complement her like you would a colorful dress.