What type of floor covering can be laid upon a floor that has plywood

Plywood placed over a floor for leveling.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 11, 2018
    just about anything from lino to tile to carpet.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jan 11, 2018
    You can put down just about any kind of flooring on top of plywood. Of course, if you decide to lay carpet, you should put a padding down first. You can put any tile on top of plywood too. Have you ever considered a paper bag floor? They require a lot of time and even more patience. But they are beautiful when complete. I hope this helps you.

  • Cindy Darsey Chadwell Cindy Darsey Chadwell on Jan 11, 2018
    The options are unlimited. Do you have a preferred look?

  • Mary Hutchins Mary Hutchins on Jan 12, 2018
    Would you tell me more about the paper bag. It sounds unusual and I would love to see a pic if you have one. I really appreciate this.

  • 25842967 25842967 on Jan 12, 2018
    You really have no boundaries, it all depends on your preference.
    Agree with Aljosjer, about laying padding if you're considering carpet.
    Good Luck...

  • Mary Hutchins Mary Hutchins on Jan 12, 2018
    Thank you so very much, I appreciate the info.

  • Mary Hutchins Mary Hutchins on Jan 12, 2018
    I like things that are different and this would be for a kitchen. I am very interested in the paper bag technique. Could you tell me where I could learn more.
    Thanks again.