Grow popcorn shoots in a covered tin

Pour seed starter into a square tin and then plant re soaked popcorn kernels. Perfect for Salads. Get tutorial here

Hang a herb garden with plastic bottles

Cut slits out of a tall juice carton with a handle, insert soil & seedlings & place on window sill. Get tutorial here

Build a kitchen garden with galvanized tin

Nail tins to a chalkboard painted slab of wood, and grow your own spices by the handful. Get tutorial here

Craft a plywood planter for a small succulent

Layer sheets of plywood one on top of the other then glue and sand them together and cover with linseed oil. Get tutorial here

Create a succulent lantern for your patio

Grab some florist netting, a moss mat, and a metal lantern and a knife to poke holes for the succulents. Get tutorial here

Use the roots of vegetables to grow your own

Cut your veggies at the roots and place them in small Glad containers to grow your own veggies. Get tutorial here

Construct your own greenhouse for under $50

Grab four blond boards, tomato cages, buckets, and heavy duty garbage bags and plastic coverings. Get tutorial here

Gather your hydrangeas in a ladder

Trim your hydrangeas then gather them on your porch in tiered in buckets. Get tutorial here

Mount a free standing herb garden

Salvage two screens, screw a hinge, measure a shelf board frame then attach plants with wire. Get tutorial here

Make biodegradable seed pots with newspaper

Roll 6x8 inches of 2 ply newspaper around a TP tube and gold to get the shape right. Get tutorial here

Use empty inserts to create a variety garden

Pack the inserts with compact soil, moisten it, divie with popsicle sticks, add seedlings, then cover. Get tutorial here