Create a salvaged pathway with old bricks

Add a rusty iron entryway for an even “junkier” look. Get tutorial here

Go vertical and hang an old washtub on a tree

Different heights add a whole new dimension to your garden. Get tutorial here

Include wooden signs for a farm feel

This will make you feel like you just purchased hundreds of fresh flowers at the market. Get tutorial here

Plant your herbs in old rusted toolboxes

It's rusted, rustic, and perfect for your front porch steps. Get tutorial here

Use old tea pots to host flowers

Raise them on wooden stocks to set them above other plants. Get tutorial here

Place plants on an old worn-out wheelbarrow

An old wooden one or even a rusted metal one will be the pivotal point in your garden. Get tutorial here

Place flowers in an old painted mailbox

If you want to add personality to your garden, this is the way to do it. Get tutorial here

Accessorize with vintage farm tools

Nothing says junk like old rusted items. A collection of them totally enhances your garden. Get tutorial here