Can you stain landscape gravel to uplift color that has faded?

by Renita
There is a lot of landscape gravel in yard. It looks faded. I want the bright color it once was. A red clay sienna color. I live in the southwest in very hot climate. Can I spray a stain on it ?
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  • Cathy Cathy on Jul 07, 2016
    Not too sure a stain would work but give it a try---If it washed off, you haven't lost anything except for some time and small cost of stain unless you have to buy a sprayer. Might try mixing stain a little thinner and putting in a dollar store spray bottle so you can just dispose of it afterwards.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jul 07, 2016
    Unless you're certain the stain is going to adhere to rock, I'd be cautious about spraying it and possibly having it leach into the ground surrounding the area. How about giving your local landscaper a call and ask how they revive the color of faded rock? With you being in AZ I'm sure they have plenty of experience in this situation. Good luck!
  • Chrystel Blosser Wells Chrystel Blosser Wells on Jul 11, 2016
    Does it have the color you want when it's wet? What about Thompson's Water Seal?