Turn A Rusty Cart Into A Fairy Garden

Think outside of the box by repurposing an old cart, and painting it a lively color for your garden. Get tutorial here

Repurpose A Bird Bath

Transition a bird bath for a playful fairy garden, and use artificial greenery. Get tutorial here

Create A Cheeky Fairy Outhouse

Go to your neighborhood Michael’s and purchase some balsa wood, and use popsicle sticks as the roof detailing. Get tutorial here

Chop Wood Into A Fairy House

Finding parts of a tree gives the fairy’s home an authentic and nature based look. Get tutorial here

Incorporate A Bird’s Nest

Use an abandoned bird’s nest as the focal point of the enchanted garden, and place small figurines beside the nest. Get tutorial here

Make A Garden For A Mermaid Instead

Fairy Gardens don’t have to use fairies! Put stones, seashells, and scrabble tiles to recreate this look. Get tutorial here

Build Your Garden Around A Baking Pan

Hot glue blue crystals in a baking pan to recreate the look of a bubbling stream in the garden. Get tutorial here

Invite The Fairies For Lunch And Tea

Craft a picnic table for the fairy folk by crafting the table out of popsicle sticks and hot glue. Get tutorial here

Forget The Garden, And Make It On Your Table

A nifty yard sale plate can hold your garden as it rests on a table, use thyme and sheet moss to accentuate the garden. Get tutorial here

Carve Foam Into A Giant Fairy Waterfall

Add stone from a koi pond, add recycled wood, and plastic filing to build a towering waterfall for your fairies. Get tutorial here