Asked on Jul 25, 2013

Looking for Repurposing Ideas to use an Old Hot Tub Cover?

Looking for DYI ideas and ways to reuse an old vinyl hot tub cover...My husband shoveled ice off the roof and it fell onto the hot tub cover and put a hold in it. Ordered a new one. Now I'm trying to figure a way to NOT put this cover into the landfill... The only thing I can think of is to use it as a kind of sun cover for chickens....bit would have to have a frame and with a hoe in it, it will fill with water and get heavier and heavier.. Any great ideas out there?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jul 25, 2013
    The only thing I can think of might be to separate the two sections and use them for the back wall of a gardening cold frame. The sides could be framed and for the top some clear lexan.
  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on Jul 25, 2013
    The hot tub covers that I have seen have a base with padding. This leads me to believe that the cover could be cut down and recovered to make seating (i.e. ottaman, bench, stool) by adding legs.
  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Jul 25, 2013
    Really great ideas, both of them. The cover is approx. 10 years old and not in the best of shape and quite faded so it might not work for a home stool/bench but maybe for a garage workshsp where looks don't really matter. The cold frame idea is steller. I'll be thinking more about that one. Steller ideas, thank you!
  • Mary Mary on Feb 29, 2016
    paint a mural for your yard, or patio
  • Trish Fennell Trish Fennell on Dec 31, 2017

    Great for a dock

  • Margaret Margaret on Mar 13, 2022

    use it as a golf screen. Lean it against fence and drive the balls into it!