Build your own board and batten shutters

Add stylish board and batten shutters to your exterior walls & frame your windows. Get tutorial here

Fill in dead space with a small garden

Don't leave any naked walls - plant small gardens in every bare section. Get tutorial here

Or cut cute and simple beachy shutters

For a different, lighter take, cut your own shutters in a beachy style. Get tutorial here

Spray dirty siding with cleaner and a hose

Attach a spray cleaner to your garden hose and spray down dirty siding. Get tutorial here

Paint part of the exterior for a huge change

Choose a new splash of color for siding that will wake up your tired home exterior. Get tutorial here

Add pops of one bright color to your porch

Paint a few pops of color in places all around your porch, like the door, lights, etc. Get tutorial here

Cover concrete foundations in stone veneer

Add some stacked stone to your concrete foundation walls. Get tutorial here

Take down your shutters and repaint them

Take down faded shutters, slap a new color on them, then hang them back up - good as new! Get tutorial here

Or take shutters down for a thorough cleaning

Instead of painting your shutters, you can just pull them down, clean them up, and enjoy the shine. Get tutorial here

Paint your door to look like expensive wood

No matter what your front door looks like, you can turn it into a wood beauty with DIY. Get tutorial here

Or choose a fun, vibrant new color

Paint your ugly front door with a bright color to give your exterior a wake up call! Get tutorial here

Give your siding a dramatic dark color change

Make a statement with your curb appeal by choosing a bold coat of paint. Get tutorial here

Update your porch lighting without rewiring

Hang a new lighting fixture instead of your unattractive porch lamp, no rewiring needed. Get tutorial here

Define your flower beds with clean edging

All it takes to give your garden a fresh face is to clean up your edging. Get tutorial here