How to paint an old singer machine?

by Ary

I have an old black singer sewing machine with worn stencils that I would like to decorate and make look pretty.

1. If I wished to paint this sewing machine with flowers or possibly write a bible verse or inspirational message on it what kind of paint would I use?

2. What precautions can I take so I do not get paint inside openings in my sewing machine if using spray paint.

3. What type of brushes (applicators) would one use for the lettering?

4. Would I need to prime the sewing machine first if there is no rust on the machine?

5. Are there special spray paints that I can use to give it a quick even coat of paint before painting on some embellishments?

6. What paint would I use if I wish to put on some gold highlights like those that used to be used on the old singer sewing machines?

7. I have heard of something called gold leaf.. Where would I buy this material. Can anyone tell me how to apply this product or recommend any websites or you tube videos on how to apply gold leaf?

8. Is there some type of protective spray that one would recommend to coat my final project and perhaps give it some lustre? And if so where would I purchase this?

I am receptive to any suggestions for making an sewing machine look pretty.

I welcome any pictures others may have of sewing machine make over’s or websites to look at for suggestions.

I would also like to know the names of stores you recommend for purchasing the paint you recommend or places to order on line.

I would like to thank all who respond to my inquiry in advance.


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