How to paint,the fabric on a,sofa

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  • Suzette Suzette on Dec 15, 2017
    Hi Liz, Here's a how to video that may help:

    Have fun!

  • Mary Barnett Howard Mary Barnett Howard on Dec 16, 2017
    What I discovered...
    It was a lot less expensive than new upholstery, which I have done since then, which means no pictures.
    It’s much more satisfying if you don’t expect a true ‘solid’ color.
    Try going for a tie-dyed, or floral, or even stripes or geometric, anything that keeps your eyes moving and not focusing on that one spot that didn’t come out exactly right.
    It is time consuming, but satisfying. I taped off sections, using ziplock bags to keep from having dye everywhere, then dyed uncovered sections. Mine was a random geometric in shades of red, turquoise, gold, purple, and lime green.
    This was my inspiration fabric except different colors, closer together, and more blocks and lest ’white space’.