Asked on Aug 01, 2016

I have a metal mailbox and post and the paint has chipped off the base

Allison K
by Allison K
The paint on the bottom of the base of the post has chipped off in a large area. What are the steps and products I should use to repaint the area? Mailbox is a thick cast aluminum, similar to photo.
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  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on Aug 01, 2016
    Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes in the paint dept. Tell them what you have per your mailbox and ask for their suggestions... I have used Rustoleum paints for outside projects with excellent results...spray or paint on...but ask those folks for suggestions first!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 01, 2016
    Sand down the mailbox,clean and spray paint with Rustoleum 2x for metal allow to dry and seal with a clear spray sealer.

  • Lori Lori on Aug 02, 2016
    The above answers are good answers, and unless there is some special paint for cast aluminum that I don't know about, I'd scrape, clean and spray with Rustoleum 2x. I might put a few coats on before sealing. Good luck.

  • Lba3380155 Lba3380155 on Aug 02, 2016
    I painted mine with a spray paint and looks just fine