Need help with latex paint + primer on metal.

I found this metal table at a garage sale years ago and spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze (Rustoleum?) It's held up great but I wanted to give it some color this year. I started painting this design on with a latex Valspar Exterior Paint + Primer. I was planning to finish it off with several coats of clear poly but am having doubts now. Will the poly keep everything from scraping off?
Priming isn't really an option since the table is already painted. And spray paint isn't an option since it's an intricate design and I don't have a stencil.
Anyone have experience with this?
need help with latex paint primer on metal, painted furniture
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  • Julie Burkhardt Julie Burkhardt on Jun 24, 2014
    Personally, i would just put my design on and leave it at that. it might wear/weather into something that really looks cool. i think poly yellows too much, but you could put a light coat of spray-on poly to protect your design.

  • Lee Ann Phillips Lee Ann Phillips on Jun 24, 2014
    I used to sell paint. Latex will not stay on top of oil-base paint without a good primer meant for that purpose. Without primer, you would need to give the surface a light sanding, just enough to make it a little rough when you slide your hand over it, and use an oil-base exterior paint for the design (you don't have to use spray paint; oil-base paint comes in cans or bottles too). Finish it off with a clear exterior oil-based polyurethane. You can use spray polyurethane as long as it's exterior-grade and oil-based. If you don't know if the stuff is oil-based, read the label; the cleaning instructions will call for mineral spirits. You cannot wash brushes off with water, or thin with water. You do not absolutely have to use primer, but if you HAVE to use latex on top of oil, priming it with the right kind of primer is the only way to make it work. Primers have changed since I worked with paint. Ask for advice and be sure to tell them that you are putting latex over oil.

  • Porta Verde Studio Porta Verde Studio on Jun 25, 2014
    What Lee Ann Phillips said!

  • Abi Zimmerman Abi Zimmerman on Jun 25, 2014
    Went back and tried to scrape off the work I've done so could lay some primer down and it won't come off. ??? Now what?

  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Jun 25, 2014
    Valspar with primer is good. just keep going. To control the yellowing of spray on poly, brush on so you control the build up that causes the yellowing. You gonna be fine.

  • Esther Hasting Esther Hasting on Jul 26, 2017
    I cant get paint to stay on my metal patio table base. It keeps rubbing off and showing the silver through it. Painted it and primer it 3x. Any suggestions.