Need to update an old oak dining table

by Ljp1860365
Very old table, it was my Moms with many leaves to it. My daughter will take but wants to update it.
She is going to paint chairs, but not sure about table, plus kind of nervous
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  • Patricia Patricia on Jun 01, 2016
    It is a very beautiful set. After she paints the chairs you will have a better idea of what the overall look will be. What color is your daughter considering for the chairs?
  • Darla Darla on Jun 01, 2016
    Please don't paint the table! It's absolutely perfect the way it is. The chairs might look good if she paints them, but leaves the seats wood-grained.
  • Sue Fletcher Foley Sue Fletcher Foley on Jun 01, 2016
    What a lovely set. Yes, what color is she thinking about?
  • Gloria tulip Gloria tulip on Jun 01, 2016
    Is it a matched set? Looks as if the grain is different. I love that table. I refinished an oak table , sort of whitewashed it. I was not happy and tried to go back to its natural finish. Now it has a pickled look and I like it. Sometimes it just takes a little while to get used to a finish. Anyway, good luck and enjoy your decision.
  • Betty King Betty King on Jun 01, 2016
    Please, please do not paint that beautiful table. Works of art do not need so called updating.
  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Jun 01, 2016
    If it's your daughters, she is going to do what she wants to with it no matter what we think. I am not a fan of oak, but she might be. This could have many beautiful things done to it but in the end it's her choice and her taste. When she makes that decision I would be happy to give help and advice on refinishing, or cleaning or whatever. I am older and even though I have a love for wood and antiques and such, I also have a love of the current day adventures that different people do with these pieces. It would really help to know what she wants. Good luck!
  • Terri Tankersley Terri Tankersley on Jun 01, 2016
    Speaking from experience I would not paint the table. The chairs appear to be newer. Maybe paint them. You might even consider painting part of the chair and leaving part of it stained to coordinate with the table.
  • Ruth Langner Ruth Langner on Jun 01, 2016
    I refinished an old oak farm table like this with decorative legs. I had to remove several coats of paint then just brought the natural color out with 3 coats of poly. It is so beautiful one of my prize processions. Add update with color on the table with decor, runner or cushions on the chairs.
  • Ljp1860365 Ljp1860365 on Jun 01, 2016
    Thank you all for suggestions!
  • 9530106 9530106 on Jun 01, 2016
    Oh, my! Give me a beautiful piece of oak any day, the older the better. What a gorgeous antique table! Some of us love these hard woods for what they are! Classic, and a gift from nature.
  • Lynn Palmatier Lynn Palmatier on Jun 01, 2016
    Your ideas of updating should be coordinated with your daughter and how she feels it needs updating. Does she want to paint it or add a design. Distress it, or just change the stain. I found an oak table inlay at our local thrift shop and since we had ladder back painted chairs my husband refinished the top (the worse mess was the water stains) and the pedestal and painted the skirt around the top to the color of our chairs. It's best to see what your daughter is looking it to be...
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jun 01, 2016
    Depending on the age and material, it might be an antique, worth having it appraised. Your options are endless for an update. You could refinish the top with a darker stain with a satin finish. I love wood, so that's as far as I'd go. ONLY if it's not an antique. Best of luck.
  • Sally Webster Sally Webster on Jun 01, 2016
    Please do not paint it. I have a similar table with 5 leaves. It was in terrible shape when i bought it 35 years ago in an antique shop in PA. I refinished it with Minwax Antique oil finish after putting a nice stain on it. It is one of my favorite pieces. I love all my old oak pieces. The apron on your has beautiful carving and the little rollers on the legs are priceless. I am sure the table has another set of mid table legs like mine to support the table with all the leaves in it. It is really an antique. I see the chairs are fairly new. I would paint/distress/ chalk paint them. Good luck, I hope your daughter will appreciate the table as is. The table looks blah in the photo, but with beautiful dinnerware and candles it will be a piece of art.
  • Jay Oldridge Jay Oldridge on Jun 01, 2016
    Perhaps just a wipe stain to bring out the gorgeous carving (in a color that suits her dining room) - even Gma couldn't object to that! Wipe stains on every detail to to this lovely antique will take a while to do properly, but what a finished effect! Love that table.....
  • Sharon Irvin Sharon Irvin on Jun 02, 2016
    Beautiful table! Please do not paint it, eclectic decorating is always in style, dress up the top with a runner and some kind of arrangement, be it funky or......?
  • Ljp1860365 Ljp1860365 on Jun 02, 2016
    Good to get great suggestions, and ideas. Thank you
  • Sandi Reynolds Sandi Reynolds on Jun 03, 2016
    Well I would paint it! lol, would be beautiful painted. That way you can update it. White distressed legs & sides and dark top. Would be a b e a u t y !!