Stencil them with an ombre pattern

These wooden chairs went from boring to beautiful with a cool pattern. Get tutorial here

Add a raised design with grout

The 3-D pattern makes this chair look elegant and ancient. Perfect for a princess. Get tutorial here

Reupholster them with some patterned fabric

You’ll love the new look for your chairs, and they don’t cost much to do by hand. Get tutorial here

Or paint the fabric for a fresh look

This hometalker matched two different chairs after painting them the same color. Get tutorial here

Hang a cover to add color to wooden chairs

This is a great idea if you don't want to paint the chairs but want something other than wood. Get tutorial here

Add piping for a professional look

It’s easier than reupholstering, and it gives your chairs a finished touch. Get tutorial here

Redo the back with vibrant fabric

These old broken chairs got a whole new look with a gorgeous bright pattern. Get tutorial here

Decoupage a map onto boring wood seats

These will be a conversation starter every time you sit down with your guests. Get tutorial here

Transform your wicker seats with animal print

These old seats got a total makeover with comfy leopard printed cushions. Get tutorial here

Add some white fabric with a pop of color

All this chair needed was some bright to grab your eye when you walk in the room. Get tutorial here