Good color for an accent wall(s) that goes well with B&W photos?

When we first moved into our home, we stripped wallpaper and basically put up a version of "white" in every room. Now im looking to spruce it up and update a bit and want to paint a few different walls and don't know what color would be good because I want to put a lot of black and white photos
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  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 05, 2014
    I love the idea of using red to make the black and white really pop!

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 05, 2014
    Think you need some colour - orangy red, turquoise, mustard.

  • Decor8...ING Decor8...ING on Nov 06, 2014
    Here are a few greys from the General Paint line that you can take a peek at. Placid CL3231W, Tinman, CL 3232W, Carbon CL 3212W or Seattle CL3213W. Just remember when the paint is applied to your walls, it will present itself 1 to 2 tones darker, only because the application is huge, compared to your small swatch. I always recommend to my clients that they purchase a sampler (Home Deport will mix any colour) and paint a sheet of bristol board with a sponge brush. Simply tape the board to the walls you are painting and take a look, then you will know if the colour is pleasing to you and your the morning, afternoon and evening.This could save you hundreds of dollars. As we know colour changes throughout the day!! Stay away from greys with pink undertones...examples- Matchstick CL 3201W, Great Divide CL3203M or Cornice CL3193W, they will limit you with your "Accessory Colour Story". Make sure you don't go too wild on your paint colours, because your black and white prints will want to be the strong personality in your home. A little side note... Folks with a very keen eye and sense of colour have a very difficult time choosing their paint colours. I always ask the question "Would you wear two different blacks together"? If their answer is a resounding "NO", I know I will be called back to their home a couple of times (for sure) to make sure the colour is 100% right. These people will lose sleep and agonize for days. Good Luck with your painting!

  • Lisa Lisa on Nov 06, 2014
    I love a pale blue wall with black and white photos in black frames.

  • Heidi Heidi on Nov 06, 2014
    A warm grey or sage colour always looks very smart x

  • Shira Shira on Nov 06, 2014
    I think red or teal would both add some drama and highlight the black and white photos.

  • Judy Capone Mantell Judy Capone Mantell on Apr 06, 2015
    One nice thing about black and white is it shows up well against most colors from pastels to jewel tones. I remember we had a dark lime green wall with black and white toile wallpaper back in the 1970's. Use your favorite color. I would take a few photos to the bedroom and pull some favorites out of the closet and lay them against the towels/clothing/sheets/sewing room fabric etc to get an idea of how it looks.