Anyone Use Milk Paint for Crafts?

Hey There Folks, i Recently got a Foam Container like those Used for Carrying Medicine,etc. and was Planning to use Milk Paint to make it look like a Wooden Chest. has Anyone Used Milk Paint for Such things? Thanks For Looking. Dan

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  • that's a great idea! I have several of those and didn't think about painting them. Let us know how the paint goes. I haven't tried milk paint either.

  • FL FL on Dec 28, 2017

    "Usually, when you paint something, you just change the color of the object. When you paint an object with milk paint however, the paint itself has its own separate presence. '' Read all about it here:

  • Lisa King-Boyle Lisa King-Boyle on Dec 28, 2017
    I think milk paint is basically white paint watered down as thin as you like it, then paint it for an antique or very nice looking wooden chest. I have done some with a lot of furniture and I always wanted to redo my kitchen cabinets with this. Blessings.