Best way to removed white wash paint/stain on kitchen cabinents

by Pete
I have kitchen cabinets that are white washed with either paint/stain, I would like to save the cabinets except the doors to save on remolding cost. Do I used regular stain remover or can I sand so I can stain with a dark wood finish?
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  • 9530106 9530106 on Feb 01, 2015
    Could you post a photo for us, so we can tell if it is paint or stain?
  • Marie Cole Marie Cole on Feb 01, 2015
    @Pete: If it were me I would sand with a fine grade paper so as not to remove too much of the wood whether it was painted or stained. Personally, I don't care for stain removers, but that is a personal thing (I believe it is too time consuming and messy and doesn't always remove the old stain completely). A good electric hand sander will have them done in no time. Think of renting if you don't own one. Good luck!
  • I got to agree with @Marie Cole sanding is the way to go. Going from a lighter stain to a darker one is easily doable - from paint to stain, you will need to get back to bare wood & possibly use a pre-conditioner depending on the type of wood (pine especially)