How do you fixed messed up chalk paint?

I painted a cabinet with chalkboard paint but now it looks messed up. Should I have used a sealer on it? Is there a trick to erasing it?
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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 01, 2014
    Bonnie, was it chalk paint (as in little to no prep) or chalkboard paint? I don't seal either one, but, from the erasing part of your question, I think you meant chalkboard paint as in the type you use chalk on? With that type, you have to prep it by rubbing chalk on it, in both directions and then wiping it off. It will appear scuffed as would a blackboard at school. I have used it inside cabinets to make lists and on a wall for my granddaughter. If you want a neater appearance with it, when you erase, I'd suggest a damp sponge or microfiber cloth. But, you don't want it too smooth, because you need it prepped for the chalk. Hope that helps, and answers your questions. P.S. If you had been asking about chalk paint (like Annie Sloan paint) my answer would have been no, just wax it. Best wishes!

  • Cornelia Schott Cornelia Schott on Nov 17, 2014
    Are you using Annie Sloan chalk paint or actual chalkboard paint? Just wondering for clarification. Not sure what you are painting or product you are using to help you out.

  • Linda Buzard-Moffitt Linda Buzard-Moffitt on Nov 30, 2014
    If you are saying you painted it with chalkboard paint and then when you write on it it does NOT come clean with the eraser I experienced this also and I think it's just that it does not erase very good (at least not anything like a real chalkboard) I just wipe it with a wet wipe every so often to get it back to nice and clean