How do you paint over knotty pine wood walls

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  • Judy Judy on Feb 08, 2018
    I used white paint full strength and wiped it off quickly! If your wood is old, you may have to sand to get adhesion.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Feb 08, 2018
    Hi Leann,
    I did this in our home. When we move in there was a lot of knotty pine in this house. Some of it was removed when we remodeled the kitchen, but there were still several walls left. Our first step was to sand it to rough up the surface. Then we cleaned that off and filled in all of the seams and any holes with wood putty. Once that dried we sanded again until the whole wall was smooth. Again, we cleaned that up, then we started painting by using a good primer - 2 coats. Then used our paint of choice to finish painting the wall, again using 2 coats. Once that was dried, we were done. Looking at the walls, you'd never know that there was knotty pine behind the paint. Another way to do it is to put wallboard on top of the knotty pine then patch up the seams and paint with primer then paint. We used that method too on another wall. Both methods took some time but the results looked great. Wishing you the best.

  • Patricia Huguet-Pfaff Patricia Huguet-Pfaff on Feb 08, 2018
    First clean the walls with TSP. Then use a primer. Then paint. Benjamin Moore has the best paints & primers for any job. They can even match the primer with the paint shade!!

  • Karen Karen on Feb 09, 2018
    I used an oil based primer and did not have to sand the walls before the primer

  • Get R Done Get R Done on Feb 09, 2018
    I would suggest sealing the wood with a coat of shellac first and then after that dries apply a coat of stain blocking primer such as Zinsser and then once dry apply your finish coat of paint using a good quality paint.

  • Bertha Bertha on Feb 09, 2018
    I used a coat of primer and painted 2 coats of paint Matte finish. I loved it. I used Barr paint. I think it's the best.